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The cursing of a fig-tree: a symbol of judgment Mt pp Mk Washing hands: a symbol of innocence Mt Being thirsty: a symbol of spiritual need Ps ; Jn Harvesting: a symbol of judgment day Joel ; Mt ; Rev Tearing garments: a symbol of anger and sorrow Ge , 34 ; Jos Spitting: a symbol of contempt Isa ; Mt pp Mk Shaking off dust: a symbol of rejection Mt pp Lk ; Ac Sitting in sackcloth and ashes: a symbol of repentance Ps ; Isa ; Jnh ; Mt Lifting of hands: a symbol of prayer Ps ; 1Ti Covering the head: a symbol of submission 1Co Starting your free trial of Bible Gateway Plus is easy.

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Click the button below to continue. Close this window. Learn more today! Court Call Number: BS C68 Renn, editor Call Number: BS E97X Marvin H. Pope Seminar Room. Call Number: BS N Trowbridge Reference Room. All things in the Bible : an encyclopedia of the biblical work by Nancy M.

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T57X Trowbridge Reference Room. Dictionary of biblical imagery by general editors: Leland Ryken, James C. Pentateuch by editors, T. Desmond Alexander, David W. Baker Call Number: BS D53 Trowbridge Reference Room.

This work is published by Intervarsity Press. It follows the format and approach of previous encyclopedias by the same publisher on the New Testament.

The arrangement is alphabetical by topic, and most articles are of extensive length no article is less than words, and some exceed 10, words. Thus, it is does not provide brief definitions and is more of an encyclopedia than a dictionary.

Dictionary of Biblical Imagery

It is thus of little help for quick, ready-reference, but provides more of an in depth approach to various topics related to the Pentateuch. Other articles provide helpful surveys, leading one into an understanding of the current state of discussion. Within the articles, reasoned arguments for or against the different perspectives on a topic are offered.

Each article is signed by the author. Extensive bibliographies are provided at the end of each entry. Cross-references are provided. Scripture and subject indexes are provided, as well as two maps of Palestine and the Ancient Near East during the period of the Pentateuch. Theological wordbook of the Old Testament by R. Essays on the words selected for extensive treatment were contributed by 46 evangelical scholars of various denominations and are signed with the contributors' initials.

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Words not chosen for essay treatment are given one-line definitions. Arrangement is according to the consonants of the Hebrew alphabet; related words are presented with the root from which they derive. Bibliographies accompany many of the articles. An index employing the numbers from James Strong's Exhaustive concordance of the Bible facilitates access.

Theological dictionary of the Old Testament by edited by G. Multi-volume Bible dictionary. Alphabetical by topic, entries are transliterated from the Hebrew.

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The focus in this dictionary is both linguistic and theological. Entries provide in-depth discussions of the key Hebrew and Aramaic words in the Old Testament. Contributors are international scholars from diverse religious traditions and thus exhibit a diversity of theological viewpoints. Entries typically treat the head term along with cognates and semantically related lexemes.

Included is etymological analysis which may involve investigation of sources in other ancient Near Eastern languages , a survey of the number and distribution of occurrences in the Old Testament, an overview of characteristic syntactical contexts, delineation of the semantic field, consideration of the theological significance of the data, and a bibliography. Frequently, translation equivalents that are found in the Septuagint are mentioned and, where relevant, usage in the Dead Sea Scrolls is discussed. This is an important reference work for scholars working in the original language of the Hebrew scriptures.

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Dictionary of the Old Testament. Historical books by editors, Bill T.

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Arnold, H. Williamson Call Number: BS B25 Marvin H. K19X A86X Trowbridge Reference Room. The focus of this one-volume encyclopedic dictionary is primarily on the literary methods of the Greco-Roman society and culture that influenced the writing of the in New Testament and early Christian literature, and secondarily on the contemporary methods used by scholars to interpret and understand this literature. Entries are alphabetical by topic.