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Lifetime Warranty. Thc city- port thc conversation in the paper. We Ship UPS.

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Original birthplace is underwater. The hope is that the drug can stimulate thc humnn brain to repair it- selT Tests on monkeys proved! The disease occurs when certain brain cells die and the supply of dopamine, the substance the cells use - to communicate, i s reduced: Scientists seek atomic health data Energy Department Thursday of continuing to suppress health data needed t6 determine how seriously workers at atomic wcnponsJacto-.

The measure, approved on a tally, coujdjcad the way tojj compromise between Bush and Congress in their -fight over the so- ' phisticated attack-submarines. The Senate passed a bill Wednesday that' would allow both craft to be built, prompting a. The bill, borne of an election-year fight between' Bush and law- -makcre-ovcr-spcnding. Gorbachev urges U.

Mercantile Exchange Jo. AikI goc. The 'companies would be prohib- ited from merging with each other or using revenues from customer billing to subsidize n ew venture s. To win this trip for your mother, just write an essay.. No purchase necessary! He always gets his man. College— in. Gorbachev looked startled but j smiled. H ooper ' s year-old 'd aughter, J Emily, to! He left for Missouri on vTuesdny. And more 3 was on the way, the agency said. Stuart Junior High; and to build a. Between the paying off some bonds issued m gjj b onc js and the new ones, the total asking them to take on a heavier load.

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Write to us The Timcs-Ncws welcomes letters from readers on subjects of public interest. To make sure your letter is published promptly, here are a few guidelines to remember: Letters should include the writer's signature, mailing address and telephone number. We run the risk that our foreign policy will be compromised by- our dependence. Our government now owes foreign investors more than SI, for every man, woman and child in the United States. W no lon ger ca n. Congress discovered that during the slump just ending.

They need all the dough they the government. Who benefits? As Jefferson knew, nothing hurts the little guy like the reckless borrowing of an unchecked government. Will it take a constitutional amendment? And polls show, by margins of.

More than 60 percent of the House members arc co-sponsors. The Senate,. I pledge that I will pursue the goal of a :. B alance d Budge t Ame nd ment until it passes - or until I do. You may or ' may not agree completely with all that the bond will accomplish, but please d o no t withh old your support because of one or two small points. We'arc'dlsoTobkihg tobuilil'an elementary school that will eliminate the temporary classrooms -. Many feel they cannot afford to pay the added taxes. A pedigree and allow room in the budgets for may be obtained in addition to t he ad ditional bond.

A pedigree should and can be done about the ay be obtained in addition to problem. If the breeder decides, at Butterfly. Many other states have adopted a;; plan of distribution for ticketslike unto a lottery. It supplies 1 was very upset about the the information of the date of birth ' handling of the tickct. If anyone seeks advice.

Just basic math ,. Then when the requests ore dravJn 1 do hope this gives you the by name and number, tho person is. Spread it around. Cassia area. Welcoming a large hospital in Rupert is the best clean business we J. KIM F. It verifies that the Valley or plan to camp out in'order — -j dog 1 b pure bred.

In this, we exclude cost or obligation save tne — DEtrict want to take Murtaugh ourselves since we have been ' willingness to give up two - DEtrict over? In that class, I am sure that T n Falls Highway District that is a innuendo concerning our "mqnetnry wc can resolve some of the questions — btB route and, for 20 years; have been— rewards," we do take considerable —-and misunderstandings, which s eem to, trying to get it oiled so it isn't so dirty umbrage.

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I will be- specific. How plague that organmition s members. Eve r y.

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Public lands arc far from being an economic liability as this politician suggests. Idaho counties receive approximately S25 million per year in direct payments from the federal S nmcnt be cause of the public —. Glenn came to Idaho some years ago to promote the dubious Right to Work law. What we voters must do is to stop — thlnnan bywoting him out before ho- eVen gets started.

WillBe: 13 Reasons WillBe's are Luckier than WannaBe's

Our public lands t gwe us Idaho citizens the sacred. Kunkel has - seen fitlo descend from the organizational level to the personal, 1 must, perforce, respond to the innuendos therein. John's -bay'snons. Me says billions of rubles in Soviet aid were squandered aivay and he believes Marx would be ashamed at what Cuba has done in his name. Use of hostile mobs lo intimidate activists has become routine at the homes of Cuba's small dissident population over the past two years.

Complaints by ordinary Officials blame any excesses on concerns that the citizens, go unpunished, dissidents may be part of a. Castro believes multiparty democracy and —. To prevent Cuba from bccoming yeranothcr Communist corpsc. Some of his followers have been mistreated as well, he says.

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  4. The strike exploded in violence Wednesday when protesters. The sources said the U. Lewis Austin'Doanc had tire tracks Jim Munn said. Jim Kistlcr said. Jim Massey. Kistlcr Said police will take the results Students at, Valley High School, the members of the top three debating teams In this year's stat6 Class B of public hearings on a proposed plan to — clcan-up-tlte- river. Pi slntn debate lino Was out offliirhands of - At the debate season's climax last Hie nnals. With the top three debating tcarps all - state tournament. Despite coming from a Kohtz and Xavria Schwarz defeated their — coming from tiny-Valley-High-School,- it— 1 studenl-school'mnd-tcompcting -opponents jn the other-semifmal-match.

    Pcrfiaps we oug ht to lea rn how to rail die river at the low now. The pound can be reached by calling, By Kirk Mitchell Times-News writer. The department also' received a complaint hours, failure to respond in a timely manner about patient carcTKirkiyood said! The deficiencies tliat stale inspectors found Two residents did not have call lights within in July included failure to notify relatives and reach, it says. When should grand juries be used to obtain criminal charges?

    The grand jury is a powerful tool 1 that should only be used when absolutely necessary, Stanzak said.