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Somehow it is a working out of my own identity and that necessarily contains much about Iran, the past, the revolution and what happened to us.

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Do you think, Hanan, that in your work, your country is always a presence? It continues to inform what you write about? I needed to go back to Lebanon in this new novel, The Occasional Virgin , where my two protagonists came from in order for the reader to be able to understand their complexities and their personalities as adults. The mere fact that they met in a visit to Lebanon in one of the conferences from the diaspora and felt cushioned by each other in a country they do not feel at home in but troubled emotionally is important.

KM : I think in my first book The Cypress Tree , Iran was a character too, really not just a place, but a persona with phases and moods and peculiarities and habits. I feel places very deeply. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. Via Pantheon. Article continues after advertisement. Anything pitched too frankly at women, and certainly any bit of daytime programming, was held to be lesser, frivolous. No form of TV has gone in for as much abuse of this kind as the soap opera, which was produced once upon a time to literally sell soap to housewives. But Nussbaum sees the soap as a sort of unappreciated mother of modern prestige TV.

Buffy was an important show for reasons beyond its demon-hunting teenage-girl lead.

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It challenged the norms of what television could do. The series is not without its flaws, but the mere fact that it was taking such big swings while building a mythology that still holds up in suggests there should be no guilt in enjoying its pleasures. The shows that she celebrates tend to have overcome the burdens of genre conventions, say, or the critical condescension deployed along hidden contours of gender.

Circumscribed by genre, boxed in by the assumptions surrounding their audiences, these shows nevertheless used those limitations to do something brilliant and culturally significant. Instead, it worked off their restraints. It both resisted them and exploited them. Tim Murphy. Madison Pauly. Abigail Weinberg.

Mark Murrmann. Dan Friedman.

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I made him read it From the Back Cover These true stories will make you laugh out loud, and some will make you cry. Often surprisingly funny, the author's candid writing exposes the endurance it takes to survive a stifling, oppressive upbringing. It's an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. Each essay is written in sharp episodic chapters to mimic the author's real experiences, which range from brutal to hilarious, and everything in between. All the Light We Cannot See.

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