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Sparks exploded throughout my body and the last thing I heard was the familiar voice I love, calling my name before my wolf completely took over. Maya always thought she would live life without a wolf and a mate. But all changed when she found that she did have them both. What will happen when she was given a wolf who hold many secrets and a mate who can't get over his first mate.

The only thing Olivia Carson desperately wants is to find her mate. What will she do when she finds out her mate, Alexander Mason the alpha of the Red Moon pack, doesn't believe in mates and will do anything to ensure she is miserable? However, can they both deny the mate bond?

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Aleera Hawks is 16 year old. She is a she-wolf and has not shifted yet. A female wolf can't shift before she meets her mate. She is the alpha daughter in her fathers pack. After years of torture and abuse will she be able to find her way back to the girl she once was or not?

Follow Aleera's story to find out what secrets she is carrying inside of her. LR Chalky. Kylie Is the Great Grand daughter of the moon Goddess. Her mother and Father died not long after she was born by rogues. She grows up in the Beta's family, with Asher and Kane. She falls hopelessly in love with Asher, and Has his Son Kai. Find out what happens with Kylie, when the love of her Life, Asher, finds his Mate, and she find hers. Will it be love at first sight like it was designed to be by the Moon Goddess?

Follow the twisty love story of a wolf that fights her destiny. Will Kylie's "witch Doctor" Grandmother help her, rid her of her mate, or will the mating bond work against their wills This Book contains Sexual content and Swearing.

Vampire's Pet by Cannon at Inkitt

If you are offended by that, this book is not for you. Ulila na si Jasmine Hope. Certified independent girl at wala na halos matinong nangyayari sa kanya. Napakamalas niya kung maituturing. But her life couldn't be nicer when a terrible night happened. She woke up one morning, naked. And what's worse? She was married to the King of the creatures who happen to suck the blood of her mortal kind.

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A cold, heartless,moody and simply infuriating handsome creature. But as she unravel the mysteries happening to her, she'll find herself in the most dangerous part of her journey. There will be many revelations and bloodbath. Will she survive? Can she escape her destiny? Or will she choose to loathe the man who put her up in this hell?

Let's find out on this first vampire story of mine. He watches her from the shadows like he has been doing since he was 4 years old. Protecting and hiding her identity without her finding out. She is his mate, his beloved, the one thing he cannot have. Megan does not even know Anthony exists.

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She does not trust anyone after the past she had to overcome. Would he ever be able to show her love or would he have to stay in the shadows always and forever loving her from afar. He knew if he could just get close he would give her what she needed. He would appreciate every inch of her the way the hero's in her novels do.


The way she craved to be held and satisfied. If he could just get close to her. But he was her shadow, her protector. She would never accept him as her mate. Natalia's fate seems to take a turn when she was found by wandering vampires on the verge of death in the middle of a desert. Since she was a child, Natalia lives her life by being a walking punching bag by her schoolmates. Because of her sexuality, people tend to make fun of her especially after she was rejected by the person she confessed to.

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For Natalia, her bullies bring a new meaning of Hell on earth. When she was given a new chance to relive her life as a vampire, Natalia didn't waste her time.

She took this opportunity to get her revenge by ending her bullies life according to the Seven Deadly Sins. I'am no noble and he is the Prince. I'am his slave and he is my Master. I searched her beautiful grey eyes not believing she would forget me. Maybe she was pretending to not know me. I was the one to blame for breaking her heart. But all it held was confusion. He is also the richest young Billionaire who always ends up in cover pages. He is known as a player who messed around with many girls but his heart only belonged to one. His Winter. Winter Stone's life was not full of unicorn and rainbows.

Well it was at first when she was in madly love with her KitKat. They were the ideal school couple, the one everyone was jealous. She wanted to be a star dancer. But all her dreams shattered when he left breaking her heart.

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  6. Years of a traumatized life, she finally got over him.