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He wanted to start a society that was based on a form of equality. Set against Captain Phillip however is Major Ross, who along with his soldiers takes a very different view of the convicts and their rights.

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It was humanity at its most elemental, which meant a desperate daily struggle for food and water and, of course, the primeval urge for sex. I think the threat of rape was very high.

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I read accounts that were written about events that had happened and cases that were brought in front of the governor. A lot of them were accusations of rape, and that must have been awful — you had nothing to really protect you. Every story has survival at its heart.

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The story McGovern tells in Banished grew from his discovery of the story of the first hangman in Australia — a convict who was asked to put his fellow convicts to death. That expanded into a tale of convicts and the soldiers sent to guard them. We keep things like the governor being at war with Major Ross — they are well established in early white Australian history.

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Central Sydney, less than an hour away, is a world of posh coffee shops and gyms. Yet every day the cast were warned about deadly snakes and spiders as they found themselves uncomfortably close to the inhospitable world the convicts would have faced. My skills avoiding certain death have improved on this job!

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The irony is that while the mainly British cast have been filming a depiction of what in was deemed to be the worst place in the world, they got to experience life in what many would now say is one of the best — Sydney, with its endless beaches. We filmed on one beach called Wattamolla that you had to cross a lagoon to get to. More top stories.

  • Review: 'The Lady Improper' castrates its lust and replaces it with food.
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    The conservative and prudish lady is forced to take over the restaurant and meets an unorthodox and slightly irritating new chef in the process. It is set in a restaurant, after all, and the food shots are crafted with such care that it should have been a food movie.

    The Lady Improper should have focused on the food and kept it simple, rather than trying to mix too many disparate elements together. We learn about the characters as they learn about themselves, so our revelations about their characters are mirrored in their own discoveries of their true motivations.

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    Instead, it chooses to apply its artistic sentiments judiciously, picking and choosing choice moments to have stylistic and creative shots, while using more standard filmmaking techniques for key scenes. What results is a well-executed film with beautiful visuals. Should you watch this at weekend movie ticket prices? Should you watch this more than once?

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    Secret ending? Score: 4. Running time: 90 minutes. However, they eventually learn the truth about themselves from each other, leaving their lives irrevocably changed.

    It is rated R The views expressed are his own.