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Property for sale in Gauteng. Property for sale in Western Cape. Property for sale in KwaZulu Natal. Together, Cliff framed the conflict as a twofold struggle between Arab and Jewish exclusive nationalist movements and between the Arab masses and Zionism Rock b , and saw its solution in the formation of a republic of workers and peasants of the Arab East, with minority autonomous rights for the Jews and others Cliff b. The Jews were effectively a cushion between the Arab masses and imperialism, and powerless against the world leaders Cliff Cliff reasoned that no significant anti-Zionist movement developed for two reasons: First of all, the Jewish masses in Palestine do not yet see in the Arab proletariat a strong ally, which will protect them from all the intrigues and provocations of imperialism, feudalism and Zionism, as till now the Arab working class of the whole east has not come to maturity.

Secondly, the international working class has not yet appeared as a power struggling for the right of asylum in their countries. However, there was always a fundamental crack between the Zionists and the Arabs. Cliff regards the conflict as analogous to apartheid South Africa, except that the black workers were numerically stronger and central to the economy so could win reforms for themselves. So too does the class distinction of all nationalism between the bourgeoisie whose political economies dominate and the proletariat masses. Cliff dramatically ups the wrongdoings of the Zionist leadership as pure and innate to its history and conflates this leadership with the Jewish people, and downplays or erases the historical wrongdoings of the Arab nationalist leadership in stoking anti-Jewish chauvinism, fascism, and terror, and in courting imperialism.

This said, Cliff only ever clumsily attempted third-camp Marxism, with some early flaws offering a clue to where his analysis would end up.

Tony Cliff

While recognizing the conflict as one between two exclusivist and chauvinist nationalisms, the leadership of both tailing imperialism, Cliff always placed ultimate emphasis on the struggle of the Arab masses against Zionism and on the Jewish masses denouncing Zionism. The question of liberation was always one of the Arab masses winning Arab liberation and independence, for which the Jews as a minority would, at best, be accom- modated.

This would only be justified if an objectively necessary identity existed between this population and Zionism, and if the Jewish population were necessarily an outpost of British imperialism and nothing more Rock, But this in itself does not mean that any significant number of Israeli workers are ready to join forces, or will be ready to join forces, with the Arab anti-imperialist struggle. For Lenin c, 87 , not Cliff, the conclusion of Marx is clear: The working class should be the last to make a fetish of the national question, since the development of capitalism does not necessarily awaken all nations to independent life.

Lenin b recognizes nations as a historically inevitable product and feature of capitalist society, and thus for him mass national movements are historically legitimate. Pro- gramme , i. A people have declared that they want to live under their own government and determine their own national destiny. They have taken a blank cheque made out to the Right of Self- Determination and have signed their name to it: Israel. And they have sought to cash it in. Cliff, Tony. Draper, Hal.

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Rock, L. Trotsky, Leon. Related Papers.

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By Ran Greenstein. A Palestinian revolutionary: Jabra Nicola and the radical left.

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The Palestinian Communist Party, Anti-Zionism and the Iranian Press. By Rusi Jaspal. By Arnon Golan. Download pdf.

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