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Most physicians today are overburdened. Involvement in strategic planning takes time, something physicians have precious little of. But their involvement is essential. There is no way a hospital or health system is going to differentiate itself on value or meet the other challenges of sustainability without physician involvement in strategic leadership. Furthermore, in my experience, many physicians want and expect to be involved.

Health Care—Leadership of Healthcare Organizations

Absent involvement, they are unlikely to become committed supporters of a strategic plan. It is a well-worn criticism that physicians are poor businesspeople. But, in truth, there are many physicians who are exceedingly entrepreneurial, and some have built substantial medical enterprises from scratch. It is important to include respected physician opinion leaders in strategic planning. Key to physician respect is a colleague who is clinically sound.

Frequent involvement of the same physicians in strategic planning provides continuity, but such physicians can come to be regarded as insiders by their colleagues. Physicians new to strategic planning should be continuously encouraged to participate. Potential stakeholders in a strategic planning process may be skeptical, even cynical, about participating in development of a new plan.

Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations

Invariably, this results from past experience. Physicians can be particularly disinclined to recognize the importance of strategic planning. Past experience often bolsters their skepticism, but there are other factors. Most physicians are not used to a group process and group decision-making. Many have spent their careers focused on challenges with relatively short time horizons and outcomes.

And there is often tension between physicians, administrators and the board. Collectively, the medical staff has a culture different from that of the executive suite. A strategic plan is usually seen as a product of the administrative culture and, therefore, is often misunderstood and suspect. A strategic plan requires trust to develop and trust to implement. Transparency is critical to generating that trust.

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A solid strategic planning process can help build trust. A balanced situation assessment involves qualitative information, including summaries of personal interviews, and quantitative information in the form of data, all openly and forthrightly shared.

  1. The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, 8th Edition.
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  3. Health Care—Leadership of Healthcare Organizations;
  4. Hidden agendas can be crippling. Physicians and others will do a quick sniff test on a strategic planning process. Too many planning processes are compromised by anesthetizing politeness. Brutal realities — e. As a result, shortcomings go unaddressed. Strategic planning processes too often pander to the masses. This is a profoundly unwise for a couple of reasons.

    The ultimate responsibility for ensuring organizational relevance and sustainability lands on one desk alone — that of the CEO. June 20, It: Defines, develops and sustains a value advantage.

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    Produces meaningful differentiation. Focuses, allocates and aligns resources. Develops understanding, insight and commitment. Drives accountability and effective implementation.