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This book is very well-written with an intriguing plot and fascinating characters. I was pretty much hooked from the beginning. The plot is intricate and simple at the same time. I love the underlying mys The Remembered Queen by J. I love the underlying mystery within the plot and the fact that even though everything is not as it seems the story itself is straightforward. Ana is in trouble and Jon decides to help her, thus a quest is born. Of course, things aren't that easy for them, they have plenty of obstacles in their way but also some amazing allies willing to help. There is plenty of excitement and intrigue with just enough mystery to keep things interesting.

The characters are well-developed, each with their own unique personality, flaws and all. It is incredibly easy to fall in love with all of them, not just Jon and Ana. In fact, I adore Brandt. He quickly became one of my favorite characters, and he's ace something you don't see in a lot of fantasy books. And I can't express how happy it made me to read a book where the main character does not fall instantly in love with their love interest.

The fact that the romance is being given time to develop over more than one book is really nice.

I look forward to reading about Jon and Ana's romance as the series continues. Recommended to fans of fantasy, magic, quests, and intelligent well-written world building Jun 29, Sri rated it it was amazing Shelves: badass-heroine , beautiful-worlds , fantasy , arc , adventure. Oh wow! Just wow! I have so many things to gush about this book.

I love the fact that this starts with that scene in a tavern where a broken woman alludes to being a monster.

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Somewhere I think all of us think we're monsters for one or other things we've done. The author has writen the queen's guilt so well. She did something horrific and unforgiveable and I really liked her journey of going from deep sorrow and guilt to disbelief to disenchanted to hopeful to rage.

A lot of emotions were traced Oh wow! A lot of emotions were traced throughout the story and they were ALL justified. And they were all absolutely spot on.

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And even her companions - I love that no one believed her at first. It was like they got to know the person behind the legend first and then decided that the person is better than the legend. Its really difficult for people to look past images and perceptions of other people in their head.

And that is something J. Ellen has done really well. I'm very happy to read that. The world building is insane. I love the magic and the runes and the action and the drama. It was like watching a movie! My brain went into imagination overdrive.

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I love the side characters so much. That mage friend was so cute! I wanted to plant a sloppy one on his face! The story is very well paced.

I love the layers to each character that have been peeled off like an onion. They're both not running from their feelings for the other but instead giving each other the time to process and heal from their respective griefs. That last scene of them just sitting and telling each other that they care for each other: hide spoiler ] All good stories have an irredeemable villian. Humans love to hate on someone. And boy oh boy, you'll LOVE to hate the antagonist in this one.


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Oh man! It needs proofing which I'm sure the author will do before releasing it. But I am so excited for the sequel of this book. I am on pins and needles! This book gets a well deserved 5. Lastly, I volunteered to read this book's ARC and am giving this review out of no obligation on my part.

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Shifted Sheets recommended this book to me and I got it from J. Ellen Ross through instafreebies. I actually read the blurb first and loved it and decided to scroll back up and download it and then I saw the authors name and I'm like "YES! Like go, right now and read that! All my love, sri Sep 23, Jesikah Sundin rated it really liked it Shelves: cover-love , fantasy. Both are tormented by their past.

Aviana, the Mad Queen of Tolar, is accused of murdering hundreds, including her own mother. Jon, a widower, feels responsible for the death of his wife and newborn son. Together they learn the courage to face their "'None of you truly understand what I did,' Aviana declared. Together they learn the courage to face their fears to find forgiveness and peace. But, to do so requires they face monsters and nightmares greater than their own haunted souls.

I went into this novel believing it would have a strong romantic subplot. The winding story pushed me along their harrowing journey as they sought answers and a high level mage. What I thought would surely be a romance turned into a caring friendship forged by more than a survivor's bond.

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So very refreshing. I enjoyed their relationship and look forward to see how things further develop in the second book. In addition to the rich detail of village life and of a number of individual villagers, Srinivas gives us valuable insights into the nature of ethnographic research. He relates how he came to study this particular village. He tells us how he got established in the village, and describes vividly his living quarters.