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Thanks for your communication,Insider. There is a part that can be called escaping which will be followed by transcending However the word "love" is misunderstood That is the corrupt version of the real one. The Divine Law controls what is called karma, but it is much broader and "harsher" than people want to accept. Example: someone who gets cancer and dies a slow painful death deserves it, that person is being corrected, it is for his own good.

Sounds "harsh"? Just because it comes across as negative in this realm does not mean it is negative in the big picture. What you are talking about reincarnating into the opposite of your former life , there is no universal law which states that will definitely happen. Reincarnation is a fact though, but if you achieve your task there is no reincarnation, no need to experience all levels of life on Earth for they are mainly pointless to experience.

Gardner is one of those persons who wants to be praised and recognised by the people, so he gets it in return for some favors spreading misinfo which here and there contain the facts, which hooks people. He was initiated in certain levels but it is not as in depth as one would think including himself , he is clever though.

People like Icke are giving them more power unknowingly. Q: Is this because Christians teach that individuals should be under the control of a God who is holy? Or should I say, one who judges right and wrong? A: Christianity is about idolising a human called Jesus of Nazareth first, which is an abomination. Christians teach what they have been told to teach by the ones they oppose.

I can tell you who the 4 individuals were who wrote the Hebrew old testament and the exact date, if it suited me. Same about your new testament which was gathered by 6 people from 2 different areas. I find that very interesting.

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A: English is not my native language, not even my second nor third, maybe fourth and I type fast without checking so I can answer as many questions as possible in a limited amount of time. On top of this I just realized I have to type even faster because the proxies I use disappear. Q: Why do you choose to speak Now? A: Some of us have the task to do it within certain boundaries. How do you suppose certain knowledge in past times was suddenly there?

Luck, chance, coincidence?

The Great Tribulation: Part 4 of Coming Tribulation: a history of the apocalypse.

Q: Questions 0 - What is this Divine Law you talk about? There is a purpose for my life.. By hard work or does it simply happen to one? If so how did you learn about it? Regarding the planet we live on: 8 - On which planet do we live? What is the Planet earth anyway? The Divine Law is the manifestation of the Will of the Superior One which not only creates everything that exists within this universe but also maintains, nourishes, balances, energises and renews it.

It also reigns in other realms, including the realm you originally belong to. Rituals have a purpose.

If you are doing something which was not allowed or doing a task which was not given to you, you will suffer during these rituals. In your daily life you will notice it too.


Emanations have many forms and one who knows about these matters will have no trouble recognising with whom he is dealing with and what the message is. This has been answered by me in a previous post, in short you have the duty to "gain it". Temperance will lead you to the rightful place from where it all starts. Before this you must know yourself and what this place is where most people go wrong , otherwise your thoughts will be filled with error which will lead to erroneous ways.

These matters are not passed on to you in detail by someone, that actually will lead to the opposite of what needs to be achieved hence my way of answering, understand this. You can be guided up to a certain point and then it is up to you. Looking at the way you summon his name I assume you are a Muslim. You by adding those letters in brackets have just done that, elevating his name up to that of higher beings.

A human is corrupt while on this planet A "death" does not change the personality one had and leave behind here, do not feed it. Praise and prayers may only be offered to perfect beings. Muhammed was like Jesus, Mozes, Abraham, Buddha, a human who was lead to believe he was a knower, or like mentioned earlier "master of the game".

It is very easy to make humans believe they are enlightened and know the truth After his death it was made sure by these 3 that his followers would be divided which was the main thing Muhammed was told to be against.

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So Muslims who believe in seperate streams of Islam are actually rebelling against their own "prophet" The kuran has a core of truth but it is floating in a sea of perversions, together with the other "holy" books. It was written by 4 individuals from 3 "countries" 1 being western, 2 middle-eastern. Q: Insider 13 are you Antichrist? The ones who claim the opposite are.

In fact someone who has no connections to these families whatsoever can have this ability too. This ability is there for everyone to receive It is being provided by the Divine Law to everything that searches for it. I tried to make this clear earlier The physical realm is weak and it cannot affect the Divine. Someone with no connections to the families can be affected by Divinity in such a way that he could surpass anything the bloodlines ever could achieve combined. Certain individuals get born into the bloodlines to be able to reign over the people under certain circumstances, that is what the bloodline mainly is about.

Q: To me Elite means those who place money before people or any real values at all A: You just skillfully described your kind, not mine. Q: are you a Rothschild? A: If you read closely you would have not asked this question. The ones who are known in public are not in control, the Rothschilds are at the same level as your Knights Templar ancestors were But to answer your question, no I am not a Rothschild.

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Which family am I from? Most here talk about the bloodlines who rule, yet they do not know who they are. I am from a ruling family whose name rarely has been mentioned in history, noone will even know who we are. Second, you accepting Forbes as a reliable source for these kind of lists shows you are easily manipulated and do not grasp what is happening. Q: Worthy Are you expecting those of us who know about the world of polarity and try our best not to play the polarity game, to believe that we need to be worthy?

In whose eyes? It can only be our own. So the prison is an illusion, right? A: Do you know who manufactured this new age nonsense you just promoted?

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If this prison is a "true illusion", get out then right now, I dare you. It is not like in the movies. You play the victim part. You do not even accept you have free will, therefore you will always be ruled over, never prevail and deserve everything you get according to universal laws. Before I start, I have to say I cannot see all posts, some are blank so I may miss questions.