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The Greek castaways on a small island will have to make the best of things since their three-hour tour didn't end as planned. Can an unlikely partnership unravel a murder or is the killing destined to become another unsolved X-Scroll? These eighteen tales will provide binge-worthy entertainment to help you beat the heat. No TV show is safe! My neighborhood kids used to act out the episodes in our backyards and I always wound up playing Gilligan.

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I even got a white sailor's hat for Christmas one year from my parents. I think everyone was trying to tell me something I set out to write humor verses having it pop up unexpectedly in my books. Am I bragging if I say I think the story turned out well? Maybe : Read the excerpt to find out! All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Perry County Council of the Arts in Pennsylvania. My story is titled, Paint by Numbers , and was one of my first efforts to write short fiction.

I'd read an article about people with synesthesia in Smithsonian Magazine and was intrigued by their unique condition to see colors when they see numbers or hear sounds.

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I wondered how it would be for girl who is great with math - all those colors! Add that to her love of art and Gathered here is a cross-section of stories from the first decade of the award-winning Defending The Future series. Written by the known and up-and-coming in the military science fiction genre, these stories represent the fan-requested highlights from the series.

My short story Godzilla Warfare was one of the tales chosen for this "Best of" anthology!

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The story is about an is an explosives expert who is sent on a mission to another planet to diffuse an unexploded bomb with enough power to flatten a city. I enjoyed collaborating with her and I learned quite a bit about her thoughts for her future including the fact her plans don't necessarily match my thoughts for her future! Introducing nineteen original stories from mistresses and masters of the dark celebrate the most fantastic, enchanting, spooky, and supernatural of holidays.

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My story is titled, Halloween Men , and it's the creepiest story I've ever written. I sparked on the idea for the world when I was thinking about Halloween and how people wear masks. Then I thought what if there was a society where you had to wear a mask everyday except Halloween.

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  4. That thought led to this story. Winning a war has never been just a cold collection of numbers on a tally sheet. The Faiths always play their part in fifteen new stories exploring when things go wrong. With introduction by: Myke Cole, author of the "Shadow Ops" series. My story is titled, Brand Spanking New and is about a Private's first mission that is far from routine.

    Here's the cover copy: Lace. Open collars over exquisite collarbones. A single red drop on paper-white cuffs. From the brocade extravagance of the Unseelie courts to the ubiquitous leather of supernatural detectives to the old-fashioned good taste of wealthy vampires - we are as familiar with fantasy protagonists' attire as we are with their paranormal deed. Tales of tormented designers and well-dressed vampires strut into spotlight in this anthology of fantasy tales focusing on the world of fashion and its intersection with the uncanny.

    The theme for this anthology was to write a dystopian romance. Here's the write up from Amazon: " This stellar collection of YA dystopian tales explores survival of the fittest in terms of love, passion, and humanity. When the survival of the human race is at stake, what will it take for the bond between two people to hold strong together? Both the e-Book and print editions are out NOW! Yep - all the money is going to support literacy. No Man's Land ;. I had a blast writing a story for this collection.

    Author Nancy J. Cohen discusses the writing process and life as a Florida resident.

    My girl is an explosives expert who gets sent on a routine mission that is far from routine. My article is titled, Dumping the Info Dump. The book fosters the writing process in a way that focuses almost exclusively on writing the novel. Using a compilation of instructional articles penned by well-known authors affiliated with Seton Hill University's acclaimed MFA program in Writing Popular Fiction, the book emphasizes how to write genre novels and commercially appealing fiction.

    The articles are modeled after actual learning modules that have successfully taught students in the program how to reach a wider audience for over a decade. Eight authors — Jonathan L. Howard, Maria V. Snyder, Frederic S.

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    An essential introduction to the fascinating but largely unexplored theatre of Latin America, featuring new translati Wolf Kisses. A luminous tale from Spain, about a young woman who returns to her rural village home to await her Parisian lover. Orchids in the Moonlight. Set in Venice the day Orson Welles died, this extraordinary play by a leading Mexican writer stretches the imaginatio Saying Yes.

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