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Is this for individual or company test drive? Ergonomics can make or break a good car, and because we spend most of the time inside our vehicles, automakers are putting ever-more effort into differentiating interiors with more style, the latest technologies, and unique layouts. Bring your iPod along to check how good the stereo sounds, along with how easy it is to control the device once it is in sync with the entertainment system.

Vehicle Information

Here are some additional tips if the dealer questions your motives for wanting to drive the car. Can you exit with the doors only partly open? How tight is the turning radius?

Is the front end so low it scrapes on parking curbs? How difficult is it to parallel-park? High-style sheetmetal often means a higher beltline with small, gun-slit windows and compromised outward visibility.

Observe how well you can see out in all directions, particularly through the rear window. Does the vehicle have dangerously large blind spots, and if so, does it have blind-spot monitors for assistance?

Do the tires drone so much they could lull you to sleep on a long road trip? How much wind noise is there, and does the air buffet and rush into the cabin with the windows open?

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The salesperson knows the best time to make a deal with you is when you return from a test drive, when the new-car smell is still fresh in your nose. Many cars now come standard with upgraded performance brakes and high-performance or run-flat tires.

Only after this should you return to the showroom and start the buying process.