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One of the best ways to fill gaps is to use your team. Most teachers are trying their best, but sometimes classes are poorly organized. Learning is a group activity. Like 0. Students often need to use the materials in new ways. For example, students can hone their notes or collect information from their worksheets. Sometimes students miss points on an exam because they do not understand what level of learning the teacher is expecting. This video explains how understanding the correct level of learning can students study with less stress.

One of the best ways to fill gaps is to look at old tests.

How to Manage Homework Stress? Get an On-Demand Tutor

Old tests are amazing because they give you insights into what level the teacher is expecting. Students can then look back at their test prep to find what is missing or what they missed. This video provides more details about how students and parents can start filling gaps. Sometimes filling these gaps can be tricky because resources are no longer contained in a single textbook. Because students get so many materials they do not know what is important to keep and this can make studying for tests challenging.

During one of my high school classes, a student came up with a new way to draw the Learning Cycle. The video below illustrates his creative change. Many students are reluctant to quiz themselves because it feels daunting. In this video, I help students see how practicing getting things out of the brains can help them study faster by reducing the number of things in their basket. This can help students go through the Learning Cycle easier and faster.

A Heavy Load: Teens and Homework Stress

Check out the learning levels introduction video before watching this video. Understanding learning levels can help us prepare for exams. Because we do not teach study skills most students assume that most tests about remembering facts. While students do need to know basic facts their tests are often asking them to master the material at a higher level.

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Watch the video to see how understanding learning levels can help increase your tests scores. This is very frustrating. Classes often level up without students being aware of the shift. Watch this video to see….

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Do you know when you are ready to take a test? When I ask my students this question most of them look at me like I am crazy. This is a complex question because it requires us to think about our own thinking. Individuals who can assess their own thinking have a strategic advantage in school and life. Watch the video to see how being able to…. Have you ever studied for a test and then there was more information on the test? It is very frustrating when we study for exams, but we do not study the right information. Knowing what is on your test by collecting all your resources is the foundational step in the learning cycle.

It is often overshadowed by the explanation of getting information in and out of our brains.

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Watch this short video about filling your basket of knowledge and skills. Academic Coaching. Learn more about Academic Coaching Like 0. Strong study skills are a strategic advantage for school success Like 0.

The Effects Of Homework Stress On Students

Overcoming educational roadblocks with less stress Like 0. Making A Difference. After a week of practicing this way, she had shed her bad habit of screaming and crying about violin practice, and we were able to get back into an easier routine Like 0. Recent Blog Posts. Honing Notes: Brain Science April 11, Deep Dive: honed notes March 29, Taking Notes: paper vs computer March 22, Textbook Notes March 1, Motivation , Teams , Toolbox , Tools. Filling Gaps: Asking for Help January 28, Active Learning , Gaps , Study Skills. Filling Gaps: Learning Levels January 21, Filling Gaps: Finding Resources January 14, Active Learning , Gaps , Learning Cycle.

Learning Levels and Test Prep December 19, Learning Levels: An Introduction December 17, How do you know you are done studying? Math was never and still isn't my favorite subject, but I know I need to take it. Being able to talk to someone and have them walk you through the steps on how to solve a problem is a huge weight lifted off of my shoulder.

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I fully get it now! I was freaking out and stressed out about the entire assignment, but she really helped me to pull it together. I am excited to turn my paper in tomorrow. My stress level reduced greatly with a project deadline due date.

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From PhDs and Ivy Leaguers to doctors and teachers, our tutors are experts in their fields, and they know how to keep your anxiety at bay:. That helps when you think you're messing up! Gives you a reprieve from your brain jumbling everything together! That means a lot to a new student who is under stress. She was very encouraging and motivating which helped with keeping me positive about my paper and knowing that I am not alone in my struggles. She definitely eased my worries and stress.

She was wonderful! Find a tutor you love, and come back to keep practicing:. School has just started and I am already using this site again! Try a Free Session. Connect with our featured colleges to find schools that both match your interests and are looking for students like you. Teach or Tutor for Us.

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