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These selections facilitate personal exchanges, formation of strong ties with one another and with local hubs and key government agencies.

A dedicated world-class annual Forum that brings together key persons in the African and global entrepreneurial eco-system with an aim to leverage our convening powers to promote African entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship; and to connect with local and regional decision makers. The seed capital is calculated on the official Central Bank of Nigeria naira equivalent value at the date of selection for the programme.

This seed capital is tied to clear milestones in a well-articulated and relevant business plan. The alumni network comprises all Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs, following the successful completion of the week training programme. Evelyn Waugh: A Life Revisited. The Hairy Dieters: Fast Food. My Life with Wagner. Guide To Better Acol Bridge. The Hairy Dieters: Good Eating. The Carl Rogers Reader. Your cart Close. Go Search. Download Image Download Image. All right. So here's the thing, though.

While there is a ton of research and articles on these topics, they really barely scratch the surface of what an intuitive entrepreneur is all about. Let me share with you a bit around what I see intuitive entrepreneurship is like. And here's the beautiful thing, this is in a constant state of evolution. And even as you listen to this podcast, as the new episodes drop in, you're going to discover your own meaning of intuitive entrepreneurship, and it's going to take on its own life within your way of doing business. That's what I absolutely love.

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But for now, let me show you seven things that I'm seeing in intuitive entrepreneurship. Thing number one is that we have meaning and purpose to what we do. Intuitive entrepreneurship means that we understand the higher purpose, the real reason why we're doing what we do. For Biddy Tarot and for me in that relationship with Biddy Tarot, it is very much about bringing Tarot into the mainstream and giving Tarot a voice and a legitimate place in the whole personal development journey.

That's my deeper meaning when it comes to running the Biddy Tarot business. Now, thing number two is values-based leadership. So as intuitive entrepreneurs, we lead from a place of being in connection with our personal values, and we align our decisions and actions with these values. For example, for me, I know that I truly value freedom.

So, I am creating a business that doesn't necessarily rely on me on showing up at a certain time to do certain things.

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It also means that I'm not going to take on extra profit or revenue in the business if it's at the expense of my personal freedom. That's an example of how intuitive entrepreneurs are using values to really lead. Now, thing number three is that intuitive entrepreneurs feel as well as think. So instead of just thinking about a situation, we feel into it. We feel like, what's our energy around this? Does it feel good? Does it feel bad?

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And we let that guide us. Thing number four, there's this beautiful element of creativity and playfulness in what we do as intuitive entrepreneurs. Instead of just following the process, or doing the blueprint, or what have you, we're allowing that space to be creative and to find ways to play, to create new ideas. Now, thing number five is we trust and we surrender to the process.

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We trust that everything that happens is in our greatest good and that it is here to serve us. We also surrender to that process. So sometimes things don't go to our exact plan, but an intuitive entrepreneur is able to release into that and allow it to happen knowing that it's probably leading us to somewhere that's even better than we could ever imagine. Now, thing number six is that as intuitive entrepreneurs we honor our natural cycles and our rhythms because life works in cycles.

Now, on a really simple level, those cycles might be a cycle between work and rest, and the intuitive entrepreneur knows that in order to be able to work effectively and productively we also need to have these phases of rest. This also plays out in the natural cycles and rhythms in our lives, whether it's the seasons and how they impact our seasons with our business, whether it's the lunar cycles and how that impacts you on a monthly basis, or even our personal rhythms throughout the day and just knowing that morning times are those awesome times for thinking and being creative, and then maybe afternoons are more about rest and relaxation.

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Now, the final piece for the intuitive entrepreneur is about mindfulness and reflection. Instead of just being go, go, go, go, go, go all of the time, intuitive entrepreneurs know that there is value in having, taking a step back and being mindful of what's going on. What's my energy feeling like right now? Reflecting, also.

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I think journaling's such an important piece for the intuitive entrepreneur. And here's the thing, when you integrate these seven elements into the way that you do business as an entrepreneur, you absolutely amplify your success and your impact with grace and ease. I know it because I've been there before. I know it because I'm integrating all of these things right now, whether it was part of growing Biddy Tarot or even as I'm growing this new space and this new expression of myself.

So, these are very important seven elements. Now, I want to give you a little taste of what's to come here on the Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast. We're going to have Amanda Daley, who is a seven-figure business coach talking about aligning with our soul path and standing out from the crowd through authentic leadership and good old-fashioned marketing. She'll be sharing about how we can balance our masculine and feminine energies when it comes to business.

Kelley Knight, who's founder of Modern Mystic in Atlanta. She is talking about how she continues to rapidly grow her business with aspirational goal-setting and a positive mindset.

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And so much more goodness coming to you. This is all about how we integrate intuition with good business strategy to create highly successful businesses that are deeply rewarding and fulfilling and that have such a huge impact on the people that we serve. Now, I will be dropping new episodes every week, so be sure to subscribe to this podcast in iTunes so that you get the latest episode. And of course, if you're enjoying the podcast as we go, please leave an honest review and a rating.