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Since then, our goal has been to create realistic VR experiences, seeking new approaches and methodologies. How do you explain this trend? Hype and facts.

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Having the ability to view projects at full scale allows you to feel and identify with the environment at the highest level. Virtual reality can replace expensive physical mockups, helping the client not only at the final stage but also in the initial phases of the project. And keep in mind that once you have created the real-time experience, this allows you to several other types of content, such as cinematic and first view video, 2D rendering and many more! What are the main challenges of making a VR archviz scene, versus traditional renders? In a VR archviz scene the user is free to see what he wants, to focus on certain aspects rather than others, and to break the feeling of reality is a matter of moments.

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We need to pay attention to details and balance them for the whole project, not just for one viewpoint. Substance is a fundamental part of our process.

It allows us absolute control of the quality of the textures, which would otherwise be impossible to obtain. We love working on details and Substance Painter is fundamental to the realization of every single asset.

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Obtaining maps with a very high resolution up to 8K , with few artifacts - and doing so quickly - is amazing. Substance Designer, conversely, is used whenever we need to work on larger surfaces, such as walls or floors. Moreover, in real-time rendering, the textures take on more importance as they impact the relationship between realism and fluidity of the scene.

Essentially, the details lost by the simplification of the mesh are recovered working on the textures. What do you think Substance solutions can bring to the archviz industry compared to other solutions? In our workflow, Substance plays a key role thanks to its integration with Unity3D. This allows us to create flexible materials based on Substance files with which we can realize several shaders, and much more. Moreover, there are many resources available online; this is essential to us.

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Did you get the chance to use some materials from Substance Source? If so, what sort of experience have you had with them? Especially in the beginning, the song has something stately about it, and it makes me think of an abandoned monastery, or an old temple in a forest, now overgrown with plants and moss.

Virtual Reality Interior design experience - The stairs

Further along in the track, the rhythm changes and it ends with different kinds of bells. Very worthwhile.

The last track is also the heaviest. It contains samples, industrial-like percussion and noise effects. The quote is from the thief Phillipe, who says: "Maybe I'm dreaming. My eyes are open, which means maybe I'm awake dreaming that I'm asleep. Or, or more likely, I'm asleep dreaming that I'm awake wondering if I'm dreaming.

Creating Realistic Archviz Experiences by Oneiros using Unity

The poem "Dreamland" by Lewis Carroll , which is included in the booklet, goes along with this quite well. Although the tracks all have a distinct character, the music seems to gradually swell, growing fuller and more rhythmic. I think this is a strong point of the album. Another good aspect is the rhythmic and repetitive nature of the music, which lends the tracks a ritualistic character. This is also an album that keeps growing after multiple listens. Somnivore is most definitely a project to keep an eye on.