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Specialist police and forensics experts often work round the clock to achieve identification, and dedicated Family Liaison Officers will provide families with information as quickly as possible. Prior to formal identification but at a stage where there is substantial information to suggest a person is highly likely to have been involved then contact via Family Liaison Officers will take place. Should the families wish, Police Scotland can assist in issuing statements on their behalf at this time. The Disaster Victim Identification DVI process used in Scotland has been developed on the basis of lessons learnt from incidents around the world including plane crashes, terrorist incidents and natural disasters.

These include recognised scientific methods to help identifying victims such as comparing dental records, fingerprints and DNA, especially when visual identification is not possible. In an incident, including mass or multiple fatalities, there can also be significant work involved in establishing a reliable list of the missing as the Police Service can receive thousands of calls in relation to people who are feared missing.

Families or friends of those reported missing are approached as soon as possible to provide information that will help to identify their loved ones.

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The deceased will be treated with respect and dignity throughout the process, and relatives waiting for formal identification will be kept fully informed by dedicated Family Liaison Officers who will provide them with as much information as possible. Why have I been contacted by the procurator fiscal about the death of my relative?

Most sudden and unexplained deaths are reported to the fiscal because a doctor is unsure of the exact cause of death and so cannot issue a death certificate. This includes any death that the doctor considers unexpected or clinically unexplained after taking account of previous or recent medical history.

What happens during a post-mortem

Fiscals also investigate suspicious deaths. In these less common cases staff will first tell the police to investigate the suspicious circumstances and then decide if there should be a criminal prosecution.

A fatal accident inquiry, or FAI, is a type of court hearing. A FAI must take place when someone dies in custody in prison or a police station or a death is caused by an accident at work.

How do we define civil registration?

FAIs can be held in other circumstances if it is thought to be in the public interest. The aim is to prevent future deaths or injuries.

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Relatives are sometimes asked to identify the deceased before a post-mortem examination is carried out. This can be upsetting but it is a necessary part of the investigation of the death.

How do we define civil registration?

Everything is done to help relatives through this process. Post-mortem examinations are not necessary if a doctor can certify the cause of a death. But sometimes they must be carried out to help establish the cause of a sudden, unexplained or suspicious death. Post-mortem examinations are more likely in certain circumstances, such as the sudden or unexplained death of a child.

Procedures for deaths that DO need to be reported to the coroner

The permission of the nearest relatives is not needed to carry out an examination. So far as possible, cultural and religious traditions and sensitivities are respected. No, hospital post-mortem examinations are carried out for medical purposes, for example, to help with medical training or for research. Unlike post-mortem examinations ordered by the procurator fiscal, the permission of the nearest relatives is needed for hospital post-mortem examinations.

Sometimes blood and tissue samples are taken for more detailed examination during an investigation. This scientific analysis can take several weeks. Samples are disposed of sensitively. In a very small number of cases, it is necessary to remove an organ so that more detailed examination can take place.

This examination may take several weeks. The procurator fiscal will contact you to explain the options open to you. Every effort will be made to respect her wishes, though it may not be possible if she died in suspicious circumstances. If a post-mortem examination is held, the death certificate will be issued by the pathologist. About 3, babies in the United States die suddenly and unexpectedly each year. A thorough investigation is necessary to learn what caused these deaths. Sudden unexpected infant deaths include sudden infant death syndrome SIDS , accidental suffocation in a sleeping environment, and other deaths from unknown causes.

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Although the SUID rate has declined since s, significant racial and ethnic differences continue. Different practices in investigating and reporting SUID can affect the ability to reliably monitor SUID trends and risk factors at the state and national level. Additionally, because parents or caregivers do not usually see these deaths as they happen, investigators may not be able to get a clear description of the circumstances surrounding the death, which are necessary for determining the cause. Participating states and jurisdictions work to improve data quality on SUID cases.

This effort leads to a better understanding of circumstances that may increase the risk of SUID. Program awardees also use data about SUID trends and circumstances to carry out strategies to reduce future deaths. Top of Page.