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The guides were all good but some stood out more than others. The guide you selected for our bird watching in Tana was excellent.

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  • Everything you need to know about lemurs and where to see them...!
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He was the most knowledgeable and passionate guide with bird watching experience we had on our entire trip. His English was quite good. We think our bird guide in Tana could make a career of traveling around the country training guides in the finer points of wild life guiding. We were also impressed with how quickly you responded to our request at the beginning of our time in Madagascar with hardly any advance notice.

We are impressed with your resources. Vonjy was also excellent. His English was quite good and he was socially relaxed and interesting to converse with. We think the guides in Zombitse and Tsimanampetsotsa do not receive as much training as other guides and could benefit by more training. Yes, we will be glad to recommend you to any of our friends who might be interested in planning trips to Madagascar. Thanks again for your excellent service and attention to our needs.

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All lodges were well selected and tour planed well by Charlie. The itinerary was excellent to expore all areas and experience Madagascar. Well done. Our guide Onja had very good personnality and very hospitable. Everything worked out to our expectations. And ten areas of Madagascar was beyond our imaginations.

And very special thanks and appreciation to Mrs.

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  7. Charlie for the arrangements and guidance during planning. Madagascar has a lot to offer and natural beauty.

    Patel Family - USA. Outstanding arrangements. We highly recommend taking the south to north route instead of vice versa. Spotting for the animals is wonderful and being able to touch them in the north was the best idea. We would have liked an extra day at Ifaty and Palmarium in the Pangalanes. We loved the boat trip on the Pangalanes.

    Wow, Ludo is the best guide we have ever had in 20 years of Travel. Tahina was an excellent driver as well. He took very good care of us, was personable and very professionnal and made us feel special. The vehicles were all excellent.

    I plan to write to trip advisor for recommendation. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Great trip! The places we visited were very interesting. The drivers and guides were very nice! Excellent car.

    French Colonial Policy in seventeenth century Madagascar: François Martin's Account - Persée

    Yes, we will recommend you to our friends and families. All the arrangements were fine. The itinerary was great except from the camping at Nosy Mangabe. The timing was fine. The only issue was Air madagascar, were we were lucky no flights were cancelled, only one time change. We loved seing the animals especially the lemurs. The Tsingy and parks sceneries were fantastic. The people are warm, kind and friendly and helped as as much as they can.

    We loved the trip!! Quick answers, fulfilled our wishes. Good value for money. Thank you for the organisation.

    Traditional healers and modern medicine in Madagascar

    Everything went well. We enjoyed your country a lot. Hopefully Air Madagascar will work better. We definitely recommend you. Keep up the good works! Preserve the beauty of your country and save the lemurs!! Rojo did a fantastic job on our trip. She took care for all of our needs. We apprecaite her very much.

    Thank you - thank you!! Every place we stayed as great. Especially in Tana and of course Isalo. It was like a castle.

    The community pillar

    We felt like queens!! Love everything!! We saw so many animals. Go sooo many photos. We will tell all our friends how wonderful Cactus Tours treated us on our tour. Thank you for being so accommodate especially in light of the airline. Madagascar is at the very top of our list of place we have visited!!

    There must be a lot more.