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But, they depicted Jesus the Christ as human with children and not the deity He is. This upset me. Otherwise it was a story worth reading. Aug 28, Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: tormented-heroine , series-to-read-in-order , historical-romance , hot-and-steamy , hero-is-or-was-a-player , paranormal , mystery.

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First, I would like to say that if you are easily offended by thoughts that may differ from your understanding of Jesus and the bible, this is not for you. It probably wont be for you anyway because there is a tremendous amount of sex as well. I for one am not offended by either. This book is fiction, a story, and an enjoyable one in my opinion.

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As I do not like retelling the story in my reviews I will give a brief description of the theme. Basically it's about the discovering and locati 4 stars. Basically it's about the discovering and locating of religious artifacts by the H who is in a secret society of men who do just that , and the h who is intelligent and is interested in history as well. Of course there are others interested in finding these as well, thus enter the antagonists. The h is a spinster who was raped not told in any detail and it was not by the H in the past by a man who wanted to marry her and sought to compromise her to accomplish it.

Enter antagonist 2. Overall I liked the story and will at some point continue the series.

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This is not really a stand alone, nor is it a cliffhanger, but it appears that more adventures await the characters in the following books. If you're into rakes, this is for you. The H was before meeting the h a notorious rake as well as all his buddies in the society and as such they tend to be braggarts about it. To me this lowers the likability of them.. The h is relatively likable, but truly nothing special. I felt her character was kinda flat and could have been developed into more than just a nice, sweet beautiful "Angel" who has a traumatic past.

What I found most annoying is the authors constant useage of the charaters names during the dialogue. For example: "So Harry, what are your plans now? There were also parts that seemed a bit wordy and made the pace drag at times, but not enough to lose my attention or make me skim. On the whole I enjoyed it, it was different a nice change of pace. The plot and characters surrounding the history and genealogy were captivating.

In a nutshell, it was 'too much'. There were too many details about the artifacts, too many details about constant sex, and disturbing claims about the family of Jesus.

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There was not enough communication, not enough character building, and very little about the faire they spent so much time and effort organizing. I found.

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I found it unrealistic to have so many men guarding the house and allow one man to enter, steal, and exit without getting caught. But I pushed through, hoping for an H. A, which of course wasn't included in this conclusion.

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Dec 22, Reenie rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this story, the romance and history that the author put in. The touch of paranormal was good, not over the top. There were a few things that probably someone editing would pick up. The phrase "man parts" during the love scenes kind of irritated me as well as the comparison to Bottichelli's Venus many time! For a first book, this was a great effort and I will definately go on the next in the series.

T I enjoyed this story, the romance and history that the author put in. The only other problem was the Kindle formatting, kind of looked like a typed paaper Jan 18, Barbara rated it liked it. Cast of characters was interesting if not a bit too many. Love story between main characters was sweet if not too explicit. All the sex was not really necessary for the story.

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The book was a slow start for me, but by the end I was glad I hung with it. It was interesting the complex ancestry line the author tried to develop; I felt it would have been more believable if it had been simplified to the Arthurian legend only. I would recommend this read to someone interested in historical fiction. Dec 30, Elaine rated it it was amazing.

I could not put it down. I just could not help feel the love between Harry and Rowena. But she had an amazing Aunt and her friend Sir John. Harry had a wonderful army of friends and really what I would more than likely call brothers if nothing else. I look forward to continuing this series. It had the love, the romance as well as the twist and turns you did not expect.

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Feb 12, Becky added it. For a new author, she's done a great job. There are some grammar bugs, but, I'm sure she'll correct those over time. Dec 16, Craig Parkinson rated it liked it Shelves: kindle. Aug 20, janet warner rated it it was amazing. Captivating I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a wonderful tale of love and history. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

Dec 05, E. Prazeman rated it liked it. There's a lot to like and I can see why this book got a lot of five star ratings. Having said that, I wasn't feeling the chemistry between the characters that are supposed to be romantically involved. All the secrets, including the mystery, were pretty much laid out in the opening and then filled in, so I spent a lot of time waiting for the characters to discover what I already know.

I'm sure that's fine for a lot of people, but when there's a mystery plot or subplot, personally I'd like there t There's a lot to like and I can see why this book got a lot of five star ratings. I'm sure that's fine for a lot of people, but when there's a mystery plot or subplot, personally I'd like there to be some secrets that I'm eager to discover.

Also, it seemed like every bit of information was repeated a lot, as if the author didn't trust me to keep up. Again, there's a lot to like about this book. It just wasn't for me. Dec 30, Nancy rated it liked it Shelves: historical-romance. There was certainly plenty of action for the large cast of characters, most of whom were very likeable and lots of finds by the end of the story.

The references to friends and relatives of Jesus at the end seemed rushed and misplaced but they made me intrigued sufficiently to investigate further any true historical connections. There were some aspects that spoiled my read; otherwise the grade given would have been higher. There were many instances of repetition throughout the novel that a thorough edit should have eliminated and which should have tidied up other inaccuracies in sentence construction which jarred me out of my reading flow.

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Nov 12, Patricia rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , adventure , kindle. This first in a series weaves a great story of historical facts the dissolution of the abbeys by Henry VIII , myths and legends about Glastonbury and Avalon, and holy relics. This forms the basis for the story about Rowena, Harry, and the Avalon Society in search of long lost treasures. Using old letters, scrolls in ancient languages and maps the group seeks for the artifacts while being pursued by mysterious men in long brown coats and broad brimmed hats.

Ironically, the ma Delightful! Ironically, the main character were courtly and formal but the sex scenes between Rowena and Harry were fairly detailed. Looking forward to the next book.

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Mar 10, Maria Matthews rated it really liked it. Lady Rowena was a woman before her time, strong, intelligent with a mind of her own. Her mystery past incident which left her wary of men shone through from the start so when it was finally revealed the story became more real and her conflicting feelings for Harry more believable. If there was a downside to the story it was that their was so many minor characters who sort of flitted in and out that they became an irritation to the story rather than an aid. But on the whole, I enjoyed the book, l Lady Rowena was a woman before her time, strong, intelligent with a mind of her own.

But on the whole, I enjoyed the book, loved the plot and would like to meet Harry as he was a gentleman to the last word. Jan 28, Sojourner McConnell rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance , favorites. This book was amazing. The history, the rumors and the archaeology were all perfectly in place. Luigi embarks on a dream vacation with Mario and friends upon receiving an invitation to a luxurious hotel.

However, his dream quickly becomes a nightmare.