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Their bodies are conductors of cosmic currents resounding through the chambers of submarine life. The sylphs tend the air element, directing the flow of air currents and atmospheric conditions. They purify the atmosphere and aerate every cell of life with the sacred breath of Spirit.

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They are bearers of the life-sustaining prana that nourishes all living things. On subtle levels, the sylphs transmit the currents of the Spirit from heaven to earth. The sylphs often have thin, ethereal bodies that transform gracefully into myriad shapes as they soar through the air. Sylphs are able to travel at great distances very quickly, and giant sylphs can actually span the skies and interpenetrate the earth, the water and the fire elements.

Like giant transformers, sylphs conduct the currents of the mind of God unto the mind of man.


They also work to purify the air of pollutants—everything from car exhaust to toxic fumes emitted from factories and other industrial processes—before these can pollute the water and the earth. The air element corresponds to the mental level of existence, and thus the sylphs also have the job of purifying the mental plane.

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The mental plane can become polluted by negative thoughts that feed hatred, anger, racial prejudice, religious bigotry, resentment, pride, ambition, greed, jealousy and other poisons of the spirit. The fourth group of elementals work with the fire element and are called salamanders. Their job is crucial, for they serve at the atomic level of all organic and inorganic life, infusing the molecules of matter with the spiritual fires of creation.

The Triumph of Life

The salamanders imbue the entire creation with the energies of the Spirit necessary to sustain life on earth. Capable of wielding both the most intense fires of the physical atom and the purifying, spiritual fires of Spirit, they control the spiritual-material oscillation of light within the nucleus of every atom. Without the spark of life sustained by the salamanders, life and matter begin to decay, corrode and disintegrate. Were it not for the fiery salamanders absorbing and transmuting the huge conglomerates of negativity over the large cities of the world, crime and darkness would be much more advanced than it is today.

The very sustaining of life—the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink—is something most of us take for granted. Yet at the most basic level, we are utterly dependent on the selfless service of the nature spirits. The miracle of life is the miracle of the gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders. In the name of my mighty I AM Presence and my Higher Self and by the love, wisdom and power of the flame within my heart, I call forth the action of transmutation by the fire of my being, multiplied by the violet flame.

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The production and especially the mix are a bit rough. Another issue is the drumming.

These usually dire problems are redeemed by highly impressive guitar-work however, making the album enjoyable despite its mixological shortcomings. The mystery musician carefully loaded the album with first-rate riffs, melodies and solos that are both gripping and evocative. Every song is carried by interesting leads that deliver righteous emotion and mood, keeping the listener fully locked in.

The man knows his way around a riff and is also quite skilled at constructing songs that maximize their relative impact. Smoke and Shadows is quite an engrossing, addictive debut by a new and unheralded one-man band.

Mont Blanc

Production issue aside, Ethereal Darkness is operating at a high level right out of the gate, crafting mountains of mood and rivers of glum atmosphere. If you appreciate dark, morose melodeath, you should definitely give this a serious spin or three. A happy surprise for early Rating: 3. July June May

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