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Birth and early life

Der Tatort und auch die Art, wie Denn die Ewigkeit, einmal als real Ein anstrengender Sommer: Kriminalroman. He collected information such as Ali's sermon in the mosque of Kufa. After the assassination of Ali, Sulaym remained in Kufa during Mu'awiyah's era.

Islam in Focus: Sulaym ibn Qays al-Hilālī (ra)

Sulaym kept compiling works and documenting the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt. It is a collection of traditions, teachings, and eye witness accounts of events that occurred in history. It is older than al-Kafi, Sahih al-Bukhari, and the other books on hadith. He documents that Muhammad had promised his followers about a man from the lineage of Imam Husain who would purify Islam by remove innovations distortion of Quranic interpretation and Prophetic traditions "Hadiths".

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  • Sulaym ibn Qays.

Sulaym is also one of the first to document the political divide amongst Muslims after the death of Muhammad. And how certain figures in Islam distorted Prophetic traditions in order to gain power. One of the events Sulaym documents is the event of Saqifah in which Abu Bakr forcefully striped the rightful leadership of Imam Ali. The events documented in his book have either been observed by his own eyes or have been directly heard from those who have directly heard from the Divine tongues of the Muhammad or Amir al-Momineen Imam Ali ibn abi Talib.

Most of Sulaym's work is attributed to Muhammad. Sulaym is honored for his hard work, discipline, and support of the Ahl al-Bayt. So much so that even Ja'far al-Sadiq praise Sulaym. A report from al-Sadiq states:. Sulyam is also honored by many Muslims around the world for preserving the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt.

Sulaym ibn Qays

Updated on Feb 04, Like Comment Share. Contents Kitab e sulaym ibn qays al hilali audiobook part one Kitab e sulaym ibn qays al hilali audiobook part 8 Early life Immigration to Medina Final days Writings Recordings of Ali's sayings Legacy References Kitab e sulaym ibn qays al hilali audiobook part 8. Early life Sulaym ibn Qays was born near the place where Kufa was later built. Final days In , Sulaym fled to Persia with his writings because Hajjaj ibn Yusuf, the Umayyad general and persecutor of the Alids, became the governor of Kufa; Al-Hajjaj sought to arrest and execute Sulaym.

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When Sulaym was inspired about his death, he told Aban, O the son of my brother, I am about to leave this world, as Prophet has informed me so. Writings Sulaym documented many aspects pertaining to teachings and experiences with Imam Ali and the Ahl al-Bayt.

Kitab e Sulaym ibn Qays al Hilali AUDIOBOOK Part 86

He will be the first, and his two sons, al-Hasan and al-Husayn, will succeed him consecutively. They will not separate themselves from the Qur'an until they return to Allah. Recordings of Ali's sayings Sulaym recorded many teachings of Imam Ali such as the following: "God intended us by his saying, in order that you may be witnesses over humankind, for the Apostle of God is over us and we are God's witnesses over his creatures and his proofs in his earth. We are those of whom God said, 'Thus have we made you a community of the middle path.