Guide How I Lost 73 Pounds on the Low Carbohydrate Diet and Kept it Off

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I just added this site to my Google News Reader. I look forward to reading more here in the future. At my present weight, I find it hard to start exercising due to the side effects of being so overweight, i. A nurse at my hospital has recently lost 90 lbs using hCG which makes me curious. My goal would be to lose 50 lbs quickly and then slowly lose another over years. Any thoughts? People do lose weight on the diet but almost certainly because of the calorie restriction, not because of the hCG. Might I suggest low-impact exercise your frame might be more easily able to tolerate: swimming, spinning aerobics on a bicycle where you can set your own pace and gradually increase your intensity as your fitness builds , etc?

Going from Obese to Bikini Body — Briana Case Study (Plus: New Tools, 4-Hour Body Group)

As always, check with your own doctor before beginning any kind of diet or exercise program. You had the discipline and will power to make it through medical school and now a residency. Those same attributes are all you need to succeed at weight loss. Make a realistic plan, set your mind on the goal, and take action!

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Best of luck to you! I can endorce your comment about high protein low carbohydrate diets reducing hunger.

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I have used a commercial diet system based on 5 kcal high protein low carb meals and a regular low carb meal per day with great success, losing 60 lbs so far. As soon as I gave it up, the little bit of weight I lost came back. I am active. I swim, walk, ride horses, hike, work on my farm, clean the house, bike, and go to college full time.

I love hiking and can walk for hours at least until my feet start hurting too much. For a while I was at the gym 5 days a week. Anyone who says a fat person is lazy ought to stack hay with me some morning. I am 37, female, in good health except for the pain of fibromyalgia. Thyroid test and fasting glucose levels always come back normal. I tried cutting out sugar and I never buy ice cream, chips, or cookies. I try to drink enough fluids. I do not drink, smoke, or use drugs. Is my only hope bariatric surgery? Is there any other health professional someone like me could consult with? What am I missing?

Is there a metabolic specialist or someone else I should try? What if money was no object? Most people who end up doing it take a while to be able to fully wrap their minds around it, so do your research and take your time.

Top Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight on a Keto Diet

For some reason, most people who undergo this surgery do find their appetite diminishing almost immediately must be mediated through something physiologic rather than anatomic but we really have no idea. I know how incredibly frustrating trying to lose weight can be. Eventually something that really works should become available though just when no one can predict.

I never had weight issues prior to being diagnosed hypothyroid 10 years ago.

Sadly, I have given up trying to lose the 40 lbs I have gained in the last 10 years after being diagnosed. I did not increasing my food intake. After 5 months I had not lost any weight. In fact, I gained 6 lbs. I had not lost inches, either. No matter how much I exercise or how conscientiously I eat, my weight just will not budge. I have resigned myself to a future full of rabbit food and a slowly escalating scale.

I guess I am at the point where I have to look at exercise merely as a vehicle of maintaining health rather than a means to an end—namely, achieving weight loss. I know there are no magic bullets out there but are we hypothyroid, menopausal women doomed to a life of super-sized pants? I really wish I had a magic bullet for you….

No one in this country is ever diagnosed with too little protein in their diet. Broccoli has twice as much protein as steak, ounce for ounce. Too much bad fats and improper proteins. Milk was designed to make baby cows fat quickly. Guess what it does to people. Cheese is ALL fat. Not slim, but fairly proportional. At that time I joined a gym with my partner, and we started exercising 3 — 4 times per week. We cut the cardio in half when time-pressed. I also started watching my diet more, and particularly avoided fast food. It was very discouraging, even though I knew I was probably healthier and stronger.

However, I continued my routine I renewed my focus on a lower-calorie diet, and my weight is finally receding at a rate of about 1 — 1. It is not easy, but it is very rewarding to finally get noticable results my clothes are starting to fit again, and the muscle tone looks nice. I try to remind myself that this is a long-term lifestyle, and that I must restrict my tendency toward recreational eating I am one of those people who tends to equate eating with comfort, fun, social interaction, and even success.

Also, for anyone who hates exercising, you can try to trick yourself into looking forward to it. If you love music, bring headphones and your favorite songs, and use the exercise as time to mentally relax and enjoy uninterrupted music time. The same can be done with audiobooks or podcasts. I am 53, female and I weigh lbs. I have dieted down to near my goal weight three times as an adult losing over lbs.

I accomplished this with the Pritikin program low fat , a very-low-fat vegan diet, and via the HMR packaged meals. Each time I also incorporated a lot of aerobic exercise: biking, swimming, walking, using the aerobic machines at the gym, swing dancing, etc. I was quite literally being driven mad by cravings morning, noon and night. I also felt exhausted. It was as if some force inside my body over which I have no control was MAKING me reverse the weight loss by making me hungry no matter how much I ate and tired no matter how much I slept.

Like a bear trying to use will-power to fight off late-summer weight gain and the sleepy time of hibernation? How can I fight such a powerful force as the inexorable programming of my own genetics? Should I just try to get to a lower-but-too-high weight, like lbs. Is that the best I can hope for? Jean : Maintaining weight loss is just so difficult. I can easily imagine why you feel so defeated.

One benefit to bariatric surgery is that most people find it reduces their appetite long-term.

Rob Lowe’s High-Protein, Low-Carb Diet

The very best of luck to you! I can SO identify with the two women above. I had written you earlier because I was so discouraged after modifying my eating, exercising 5 days a week for three months and gaining six lbs. I have a question for you. The Alpha Solution emphasizes Neurolinguistic Programming to reduce food cravings. What are your feelings regarding these types of approaches to weight loss? Further, in order to engage that competing emotional driver in an effective way, I think it needs to spring from a powerful belief.

Did that makes any sense? Is that helpful? I reached the point where I was going to need new clothes, but decided instead to lose weight. I changed my eating habits, first by not snacking during the day, then by not snacking after dinner. Stopping having snack foods around also helped. I did watch what I ate, reducing red meats and increasing chicken and fish. I also starting eating more vegetables and fruits. I lost an average between 2 to 2. Several things which helped. One was that I weigh myself each and every day. I was able to notice that heavy eating days would immediately have an affect.

I also would fluctuate in weight somewhat. The first line was lbs, and then when I got below , I drew a line at Then when I got down to below , I drew the line at and continued this. I really need your advice on how to lose weight.

But if after that time I try a little bit of something sweet—piece of chocolate, a candy, my mind tells me I blew it, I am fat, and I would not stop until I finish the whole thing or even go to the supermarket with shaking hands and buy a lot more sweet stuff. Yeah, by the end of it my stomach would be exploding, and I would be feeling so low and depressed that I would not be able to do anything for the rest of the day or week until the next round of healthy eating —study, gym, social life.