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Detectives in John Robinson case find remains of women he murdered: Part 6. However, a significantly delayed staff report was only considered in September, leaving it too late to organize festivities for this year. Council, though, have supported delaying the event until , where it could join Nuit Blanche in an exciting cultural calendar next fall. Greta Thurnberg arrived in Montreal Friday to lead a mass climate demonstration, while Bramptonian school children skipped class to protest in favour of their future. At an event organized by a group of year-old activists, candidates from the Greens, Liberals and NDP turned out to talk to young voters about their concerns.

After the event, Liberal incumbent Ruby Sahota spoke to The Pointer about climate change and how she plans to address it on a local level. Fires in basement apartments are not uncommon. Faced with a growing housing crisis, Mississauga councillors are calling on federal parties to offer long-term housing solutions. The badge may shine bright, but there is a certain darkness hanging over the region right now.

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A new provincial dental care program being rolled out this fall will cover nearly 7, low-income seniors, a big boost from the or so served by a regional program that preceded it. Court documents show the Brampton West MPP pleaded guilty this month to having two unregistered secondary suites in two properties in Brampton. The charges under the provincial Planning Act were laid just weeks before his election in June When the writ dropped on Sept. This pattern, which played out nationally, was seen by many observers as an indication of internal chaos. Now, with just under a month until the election, the party finally boasts a full complement of candidates in Peel.

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However, a lack of profile and presence for some, combined with disappointing polling, will continue to worry the party leadership. Disagreement between the Wards 7 and 8 councillors surfaced over a motion prompted by resident concerns about an assisted-living group home application in Ward 7.

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But Williams contends there may be unintended consequences of a drawn-out review in a city that needs more housing for seniors, not less. One Mississauga vape shop owner said his sales have declined by 80 per cent in the past three weeks. Non-teaching staff represented by CUPE plan to begin a work-to-rule campaign next week, after issuing a formal notice of job action on Wednesday. In Brampton Transit figured it would need a third bus storage and maintenance facility by to accommodate growing demand.

A huge leap in ridership since then means the city needs even more buses — and space to garage them in winter. Where will all those buses go in the meantime? Political loyalties are far from set in stone in Brampton and Mississauga ridings, which have flipped as one — twice — in recent elections. Are the changes as dramatic as our first-past-the-post system make them seem?

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And why are Peel voters so mercurial? The plan calls for much stronger investment from council in new infrastructure. However, while the plan is robust in its suggestions for cyclists, some may feel pedestrians got short shrift. That will pay for only new units over the next three years. With ambitious targets for carbon emissions reductions inline with the Paris Agreement on the table, Brampton is considering how best to fulfill its environmental responsibilities.

As the Institute for Sustainable Brampton moves closer, one councillor explained to The Pointer that the city would do well to seek help from the private sector. A staff report lists several key areas the city must deal with before any application to join would be accepted.

But he offered no commitment to ensuring that Brampton and Mississauga get their fair share of funding to cope with rising crime and the stress put on city infrastructure and services by an influx of newcomers. That raises questions about how committed federal hopefuls are to improving the city they hope will elect them in October. In Mississauga and Brampton, was one of the most violent years in recent memory.

Homicides, shootings, stabbings and many other types of violent crime all increased drastically. As the violence unfolded over the first half of the year, the public were paying attention, but the police seemed caught off guard and political response was absent.

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Residents of the Lakeview community in Mississauga met on Thursday evening to discuss the impending redevelopment of the waterfront. In some situations, big developers would ignore such demands and forge ahead, yet Lakeview has a secret weapon. A program implemented in Peel Region has become a model of excellence for long-term care homes across Ontario for how to best treat and look after those suffering from dementia. Known as the Butterfly Model, it puts the patient first and focuses on forging real bonds between patient and caregiver.

In Brampton and Mississauga, town halls and public meetings in heralded a nationwide consultation on the issue and asked Peel residents for their opinions. However, in the party abandoned its pledge and MPs have been silent on the issue ever since. Less than a week after nine people were shot in separate ambushes in Mississauga and Brampton, leaving two dead, including a year-old boy, the Liberals are promising sweeping measures to clamp down on gun violence.

And, as the NDP has also pledged, they would allow cities to enact their own handgun bans. Those issues, along with affordable housing, are the goals the city is prodding candidates and voters to consider in its three-pronged Mississauga Matters advocacy campaign. The priorities: infrastructure, transit and housing. On policy questions, he unabashedly toed the party line.