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Being ostentatiously on-trend is the daily bread of the nouveau riche in South Korea, and coffee is an essential part of that image.

Gangnam (marketing)

By Malte E. Stereotypically for young Korean women, Chang is into almost everything that makes her look good.

Gangnam Style

In South Korea, even a paper cup from the right coffee chain is a part of that mix. In a society where status symbols are everything, the branded paper cup is the coffee equivalent of a Gucci or Prada bag for many. The district of Gangnam best expresses this mindset. Forty years ago, Gangnam was little more than rice fields and farmers. Korean rapper Psy famously portrayed the district, including its coffee shop culture, in his record-breaking hit Gangnam Style. Starbucks was the first coffee shop franchise to target the Korean market successfully.

Marketing Week: Gangnam Style marketing

Starting with a few coffee shops in Seoul in , the American chain expanded to almost shops in when domestic player Caffe Bene entered the scene. Caffe Bene, which is currently the largest Korean coffee shop chain with almost stores all over the country, links its success closely to the culture industry coming out of Gangnam. Contracting starlets and actors as ambassadors for Caffe Bene products, the company has built a brand image that appeals to many Koreans.

Watching TV dramas at home, potential customers have been bombarded by images of Caffe Bene on their screens. Taking an existing product, copying it and developing it further to better fit customer needs is the formula that has driven the Korean economy for decades. Caffe Bene took that concept to coffee shops and overtook Starbucks within two years.

Korean consumers are as partial as their Western counterparts to the now-familiar coffee shop formula of a cozy atmosphere, easily accessed internet connections and power outlets close to every table. Most domestic brands do not only serve coffee.

Gangnam Style

Their menus often include ice cream, pretzels and even alcoholic beverages. This fact turns coffee shops like Caffe Bene into a competitor to not just Starbucks, but to food chains and bars as well. What fueled this meteoric rise in popularity — the content, the marketing, celebrity tweeting, or some combination of these elements?

YG Entertainment had a wider business goal of breaking into the US and UK music industry, and had spent time before the release of Gangnam style setting up an office in the US, and exploring partnerships with artist Will.

Marketing, Gangnam Style

Am and record label Scooter Braun. With these in place, the company had a built-in audience to start a viral campaign. The media push began just before the video was launched, with two tweets from allKpop associated with American AllkPop. Shazam Chart. Sports Marketing. Super Bowl.

Valentines Day. Vice Media. By Staff Writer - 30 October pm.

How did Gangnam Style Go Viral and made $8 Million for Psy

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