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They've been a huge comfort to him but he still mourns Annette's loss every day. Even sitting down to dinner and putting out one plate is hard to do. One of the things I'm most grateful for is that I have some music demos that Annette did and I can listen to her voice every morning. A few months after Annette died, Andy started writing about their life together and it's now been published as a memoir called 'From Bray to Eternity'. The couple met at the bottom of Bray Head on a sunny day in , hit it off and never looked back.

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Psychology - Health. Religion - Esoterism. Sciences - Computer books. Sports - Recreation. Add to my wish list. According to relativity theory, upon his return the travelling twin will have lived through a shorter time and so be younger than his twin who remained at home. On this view there is no moment at which the two clocks could agree, nor is it possible to establish that one is objectively slower than the other.

From Bray to Eternity : A Memoir of a Life Shared

Keith Loftin, PhD home base clock read differently, this has no impact on metaphysical time the succession of moments through which concrete objects endure —the flow of which does not alter. To see that this is so, consider an object—the sword Excalibur, say. In that case it seemingly would exist both here and there. Keith Loftin, PhD Birmingham both now and then because it exists in Birmingham now and then as well as all the time in between? It seems not because only a part of Excalibur exists at some time at Birmingham while a different part of Excalibur exists at Fort Worth.

By contrast, to say Excalibur exists at some place now and then is to say that the sword in its entirety exists first at one time and then in its entirety at a later time. In other words, whereas Excalibur does have spatial parts it can be divided, e. That is to say, objects such as Excalibur cannot be divided into temporal parts, and this is why an object cannot wholly occupy a certain space both now and then. The spatial analog to this—waiting through space—is absurd.

Keith Loftin, PhD sense. With this development came the implicit affirmation that all times exist on an ontological par. Though atemporalism remained the majority view, beginning with Duns Scotus the underlying notion that all times are equally present to God was rejected.

The argument that neither the past nor the future exist continued with Ockham and Molina, and the view of all times as co-existing on an ontological par soon came to be rejected in favor of a firm ontological distinction between past, present, and future. Keith Loftin, PhD By the mid-sixteenth century, it was widely held that moments of time successively come into existence even for God. The former is meant to express the transitory nature of time, while the latter is meant to express permanent relations between entities.

Understood as an A-series, events and times are ordered in terms of the tensed properties of being past, being present, and being future or, if you like, having pastness, having presentness, and having futurity. If an event is past, then it is neither present nor future; if it is present, it is neither past nor future; if it is future, it is neither past nor present. So considered, time and events are in a constant state of flux.

From Her to Eternity

So the death of Plato, for example, was once in the distant future, grew steadily less future, became present, became past, and recedes ever further into the past. This process of the occurring now of formerly future events, and the subsequent belonging to the past of these events 13 J. Understood as a B-series, events and times are ordered in terms of the tenseless relations of being earlier than, simultaneous with, and later than. Taken in this sense, each event and time has a unique location in the B-series of events, such that some event e1 either is earlier than, later than, or simultaneous with some event e2 the same is true of the times at which these events occur.

The point is that, unlike the A-series, the B-series is static and unchanging. These considerations give rise to two competing ways of conceiving the nature of time: the dynamic theory and the static theory. The dynamic theory affirms the objectivity of temporal becoming. In affirming the objectivity of temporal becoming, dynamic theorists insist that it is a mind-independent phenomenon: a genuine feature of reality that would occur even in the absence of sentient agents.

The A-series is therefore considered contradictory, since if all times equally co-exist, it follows that each member of the A-series possesses incompatible tensed properties i. If this is so an event is not future simpliciter, but rather only in the sense that it is later than other events. On this account there is no objective temporal becoming; time is seen as a fourth dimension alongside the familiar spatial dimensions. My computer, for example, is extended in both the three spatial dimensions and the temporal dimension.

On the static view temporal becoming is not an objectively real feature of extra- mental reality, as on the dynamic theory, but is instead a mind-dependent phenomenon.

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It is sometimes suggested that pitting the static view against the dynamic view of time constitutes a false dichotomy; might not both views be correct, depending on a given perspective? The answer should now be clear: the two are mutually exclusive. Dynamic time theorists and static time theorists posit contradictory metaphysical realities. Either the A-series reduces to the B-series because tensed properties are analyzable in terms of tenseless relations 16 L.

Keith Loftin, PhD as static theorists hold , or the B-series reduces to the A-series because tenseless relations are analyzable in terms of tensed properties as dynamic theorists hold.