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Of all the monsters that are featured in books, TV, and movies, zombies are the ones that scare me the most. But now zombies are looking downright cute in a new book by our very own Jules Sherred. This is a story of a little boy named Fred in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

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He enlists the help of a Mountie to help him survive. And that was so hard. But it was so gorgeous.

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You know to find in this story about a woman who was so horrible to us, these moments where, like it or not, you have to surrender. Did that stay with you? And how would you describe that in terms of what you carry with you.

Five Little Zombies And Fred

And when I saw her as my fellow human. And I started to re-contextualize her as this really tired bus driver who was sick of kids, sick of their parents, and was really flippant in a moment that was very dire, then it that that re-contextualization actually really helped me. I mean, I landed at the last step of the practice actually, where instead of seeing this person as someone unfamiliar, or as a member of an outgroup, you see them as an individual who has tastes and experiences that might overlap with yours, you know?

But in actuality seeing her as a person with shared experiences with me, it made me realize the ways that I was carrying a lot of that responsibility. DACHER KELTNER What do you think about this practice, just thinking about more generally for people who are navigating the complexities as people from different ethnic backgrounds, how would you advise them to kind of turn to this practice from time to time? Have you just thought about trying it in different ways with other people you encounter just…. And it just shifts my thinking. It is dearly needed and we are really grateful that you are part of The Science of Happiness.

So thanks for being here. Thank you so much. Congratulations on your first live show! We have more live shows coming up, and will be sharing details about them soon.

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Up next: how discovering what we have in common with other people can make us more kind and generous. Or you went to the same university. She had them interact with other participants through a computer game. The first group had no shared identity. They had never interacted. The second group was given a series of fake band names, and together they had to choose the best name.

She gave them the chance to choose a band name too, but they came up with that name themselves, collectively, working as a group.

So at the individual level, people were motivated to earn a lot of points for themselves. However, when points were given to others, they were doubled, which means that at the group level, the more points that were given away, the more that could be collectively earned through these generous behaviors. The second group, the ones who chose a random band name that Monica had made up—they shared their points 57 percent of the time.

Not a really big difference. So it really humanizes them. Seeing her as a person with shared experiences with me, that re-contextualized, that actually really helped me. Our work on the Science of Happiness is made possible through the incredibly generous support of listeners like you.

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What got you to that practice? Using some of his techniques?