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Explainer videos. Sport videos. Money transfers. Health insurance. Money Deals. The Independent Books. Voucher Codes. Just Eat. A powerful story of friendship with perfect images that linger. A highly original, quirky and funny story for sophisticated readers. Duncan reaches for his crayons, but instead finds they have left him handwritten letters. They have quit their jobs as crayons and complain bitterly. Purple laments Duncan colouring outside the lines.

Grey is tired of colouring large objects like elephants. Black wants to be more than an outline. Duncan finds a clever solution to remain friends with his crayons. An unlikely pair explore the meaning of friendship, loneliness and life in the big city in this unforgettable, multi-layered picture book. Herman, a crocodile, and Rosie, a deer, each lives alone on different floors of the same New York apartment block. They do not know each other, but they have common interests in music and both love films about the sea.

Music brings them together when each loses their job. This story reveals the importance of friendship and belonging in understated elegance with quirky, whimsical illustrations. A young girl arrives in Australia unable to speak English. She wraps herself in her familiar blanket woven with cultural familiarities. A girl in the park befriends her and together they share experiences and language. Gradually she relinquishes her blanket, realising that her culture comes from within.

A moving story for exploring cultural similarities and differences. Animalium explores the animal kingdom with clarity, precision, excitement and highly detailed illustrations.

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Excellent features include its large size, sumptuous layout, tantalising questions and answers, clever analogies, multi-layered information and detailed index. Seven sections cover brief differences and commonalities, environment, food and behaviour. A perfect coffee table book for sharing among the family. Harry Potter appeals to all ages, making the series of seven books an ideal family sharing experience. I love the felt illustrations.

The detail amazes me and helps distract me from noticing that I have read it 20 times in as many minutes. The story itself is great too, it focuses on opposites in the farmyard with a zippy rhyming text. My daughter loves taking this one in the stroller while I run. Ada is curious and a little chaotic too!

I love that Ada is spirited and determined and as annoyed as her parents are with some of her behavior, they ultimately accept and love her and her super curious mind. Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans was a childhood favorite and I remember being a little girl and thinking I want to be just like Madeline because she was so brave.

Something that little girls are told by society to hide because it makes us less than perfect physically yet Madeline hikes up her nightgown and shows it off. Granny Went to Market by Stella Blackstone is a book I got to know very well when writing lessons for Itty Bitty Bookworm preschool curriculum using it. This is a really fantastic book that is filled with language arts, geography and math lessons.

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Granny is a traveler and everywhere she goes she picks up a number of souvenirs. The rhyming text will enchant even the youngest world traveler, this is a must for any jet-setting family! Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown is one of my very favorite books to read to my daughter before bed although it took a while before she warmed up to it. Readers see a day in the life of a big red barn and all the animals inside. Each animal is introduced in the seamless text that reads like a melodic poem. A wonderful book for any time, but especially poignant before bed.

Is There Really a Human Race? I really like this book and so did my son which surprised me because I thought it would be too long and sophisticated for a 2-year-old.

The rhyming text is well written and along with the adorable illustrations by Laura Cornell my son stayed happily interested as I read it to him before nap. I hope that lesson is one I can teach my son, to stand up for others. Okay so maybe I am a softy but this book is great!

Hush, Little Alien by Daniel Kirk is a quirky updated version of the classic lullaby. So many bedtime books are super sugary but this one is funky and bright! I love the space theme and the illustrations are great! My Truck is Stuck! The story is simple. A truck is stuck and even though other vehicles come to help, nothing budges until a tow truck arrives.

The best part is the cargo of bones in the truck are slowly stolen by hungry gophers while the others work to free the truck.

The illustrations make me giggle. Especially the guy in the moving van who is blowing bubbles. I have never understood that but it makes me laugh. I should warn you that she loves anything with a baby of any sort in it. In it, the baby and family go from the city to the farm asking about the sounds the people and animals make around them. The text is sweet and rhymes and the bright, colorful illustrations are so adorable.