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The Positive motivating factors include the following. He or she may not be gifted in the realm of drama but has great interest in acting and appearing on stage to act plays as brother or sister so and so. Such person may understand by and by what it takes to be a Christian dramatist. Some have joined drama group by share interest and later became dynamic drama evangelists. The Lord can stir up this gift in the life of His child and cause him or her to use the real gift for the Lord.

Such people would just see that they have the gift in acting which could be used in the household of faith. The Holy Spirit could work on this after the person might have joined the group or establish a drama group to make him or her stick to this drama evangelism.

Reference: Eph. Being a child of God, the Spirit of God dwells in him, but because the experiences in the secular drama world are not workable in the gospel drama world, such believers would have to give himself to thorough spiritual preparations and avail himself with every Christian drama seminars, conferences, institutes and materials available. This will make him shed off all way of the heathen and depend totally on the Holy Spirit leading for the required success. Reference: Jer.

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That means such a person should try to learn the things that will enhance his understanding the spiritual implications of all he and his members do in Christian drama. This includes reading publications and listening to messages and attending seminars and workshops etc. This will help him greatly. Reference: Acts This is the strongest and the most dependable motivation in evangelical drama. The calling of God into Christian drama ministry is not based on gift, talent, academic knowledge or professional background - though the Lord can as well use any of these to draw the attention of His children to this laudable ministry.

In all, the Lord uses those He prepares and prepares those He uses. The calling of God is based on God's divine and eternal purpose, not on who you are or your age or sex or your status in any form. Reference: 1 Samuel 33, 37, Also there are some motivating factors which are Negative. Such people that join drama ministry with this type of motive are standing on a dangerous ground because the spirit of pride has entered into their lives.

They don't desire souls to be saved, no burden, no vision, all they are interested in is just to boost their ego and to be popular. Such a child of God is into the ministry for personal material gain. His focus will be on how he can make money with his talent and all the steps and actions will be a materialistic undertone.

Such people would not hesitate to introduce worldly and secular ideas to Christian drama with the aim of generating funds, and this would cause him to look unto man for help always rather than looking unto God. Reference: I Tim. Academic Secular Drama: This is the category of the secular drama, written, produced and staged by academicians, for academicians or intellectuals and staged within an educated environment.

These types of plays are the ones usually produced by theatre art students of universities or the type of plays staged by educated performing arts groups. These types of plays are usually staged before educated audience. The dramatists are bound to observe a standard theatrical rules and regulations pertaining to stage movement, communications, costumes, make-ups and lighting. A sharp observation adds more colour to the stage performance and makes them achieve their goals which is Entertainment 2. Morality Secular Drama: This category of drama is written, produced and staged by the secular theatre groups to teach morals.

This type of drama has no traditional or cultural settings therefore the settings are usually the modern social settings and the plays staged in the local languages. No extensive use of local costumes or make-ups and no use of charms or casting of spells are involved. Many of Nigerian secular theatre groups fall in this category before, but now, the devil is pushing them away from this level into a deeper experience with him Satan in cultural and occultic secular drama. It is usually set in a modern environment. There is no use of elaborate traditional or cultural attires or make- ups. No chanting of war-songs, casting of spells 4.

Cultural Secular Drama: This area of drama attempts to dig into the idolatry past of the forefathers. The dramatists observe certain rules and regulations to make their efforts real by using the real traditional costumes and make-ups, chanting the traditional war songs and poems and casting real spells and reciting incantations during the actual staging of plays. In this category of secular drama the dramatists worship gods and goddess which are spiritually real.

They eat food offered to these idols and many of them are unconsciously initiated into the secret cults or spirit worlds. Moreover, the real spells and incantations and curses actually work on those to whom they are sent, and so, many of them are spiritually ruined and demonically possessed.

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This results in the wretchedness and hopelessness of many of them. The homes of many of them are destabilized and their marital homes suffer. Occultic Secular Drama: This is the highest level of secular drama and the deepest level the devil could take them. It is an advanced level of cultural secular drama. In seeking to do this, they unconsciously initiate themselves into the spirit world. Moreover, they usually sign contract with the spirit world which involves human blood.

Occultic secular drama is the most dangerous aspect of the secular drama. The lives of the dramatists are endangered and once the secrets of the spirit world are exposed, the dramatists are NEVER forgiven by the spirit world until they pay for it either with their own lives, homes, children, wives or relatives. All of a sudden, the devil mobilizes the secular dramatists from the productions of morality secular drama to that of "Cultural Revival". A lot of people now have knowledge of the idolatry past of the forefathers. This has created fear in the hearts of people, through the elaborated display of demonic powers during drama productions on stage or on screen T.

The fears of these demons are imposed on the people and these people are therefore enslaved by the fear of demons and spirit beings. The fear of demons, therefore become more practical to many people than the fear of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus, the people are in confusion. This is another way the end-time move of God has been affected by the activities of these secular dramatists.

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They are blind folded to their enslavery and demonic bondage, but we who know all these should have compassion on them. When we have compassion on them, we will have burden for them and desire their salvation.

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Reference: Matthew ; Mark 1: ; The Lord who was able to deliver Paul from the grip of human religious traditions is still able to deliver them too. Reference: II Cor.

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  8. They could be invited to come and watch an anointed Christian drama and trust the Lord to break through the steel door of their hearts. Moreover, they could be invited to come and watch powerful Nigerian Christian Films. They will likely honour this type of invitations than invitation to churches or crusades.

    Winning souls to Christ

    As a counselor being led by the Spirit of God, he goes to them, takes time to understand their spiritual problems and leads them to the way of salvation. When one is in contact with this secular dramatist, one must endeavour to counsel them.

    Christian Scripts and Church Dramas

    Lead them to understand the dangers in secular drama and the negative bounce-back and leading and thereby them to the Lord. Reference: Rom. These are Television, Radio, Journals, etc. It could be in form of short radio drama, or short Television series of 20mins - 30mins duration. This could be used to touch the hearts of the secular dramatists.

    In this case, the particular drama group is not under a Christian student body, but a church or denominational authority. Therefore the drama groups in this category are Dependent Drama Groups. The formation and composition of a church drama group is different from that of the campus Christian drama group. Perhaps the church elders and pastor have had an occasion of sitting under a powerful drama ministration and had witnessed mass salvation of souls and revival of believers through it, and had therefore desired such an occurrence in their church for growth and development.

    When the vision comes from church members, both the leaders and the church members will therefore have to search for a man of vision who will lead the people in the church drama group. In this case, such an individual is always a person who has a vision for church drama and ready to take up the responsibilities of leading the group in the church Sometimes, it may take time to convince the church authority on this vision especially the church elders and pastor who have not witnessed the manifestation of the Holy Spirit powers in evangelical drama ministrations.

    This composition also determines the extent of the operations of the church drama group. The composition also limits the extent to which the members could involve themselves in the accomplishment of greater visions. If this layer is removed, then, the inner pulp could be tasted. Matthew The disciples asked from Jesus who the greatest in heaven is, Jesus called a little child close by, set him in their midst to illustrate His answer. This is an example of an illustrative drama. This type of drama is used for promoting programmes or projects which, otherwise, would have been merely announced verbally during announcement.

    The roles of the CDG to the Congregation therefore are to produce: - Drama that provoke revival - Drama that enlightens - Drama that challenges - Drama that restore backsliders 1. Through a Christian drama, one could receive spiritual challenge: - To start living a dedicated life. Among the ushers, choir, members of prayer-band and the Sunday-school teachers are those whose spiritual lives have depleted to a state of lukewarm-ness in secret.

    When a drama reveals the terrible consequences of secret backsliders, it results in restoration and rededication of many who are backsliding in secret. When a CDG has been able to proof its usefulness to the Pastor by being able to present those drama-skits and also found to be extremely helpful to the spiritual uplift of the entire congregation, then the group can be found suitable for the growth and the expansion of the church by supporting the church authority.

    These are some of the various ways the CDG can help the growth and expansion of the local church: - Drama for Church Expansion - Drama for Church Planting - Strengthening of the local branches of the church. A particular church drama group may consist of Business men and women who travel often on business trips and hence, missing rehearsals, prayer time and special meetings. An extra hour of meeting or rehearsal in the evening will usually make them tired because many would have crossed over to the meetings probably from their places of work.

    As a result of this, they have no much time to wait before the Lord.

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    In addition, such a group as this sometimes have a number of nursing or married women too, who have responsibilities in their various homes. Reference: 2 Timothy These circumstances make them unable to devote all their attention on the drama visions in the church. There may not be the chance for night vigils, when necessary. The spiritual activities of the members may be limited to individual closet prayers and fasting and an occasional gathering.

    And this may produce little result.