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Realtors, generally speaking, are hiring professional photographers, they're getting that coverage on the internet, and they're covering the bases with you, which, as an individual, you may not be familiar with. RD: So let me ask you this. When you're starting with a new client, is there a specific process you follow to make this as quick, as painless, and as successful as possible? CG: Yeah, you bet. It depends upon whether they are a buyer or a seller. Those things vary- RD: Let's touch on the buyer aspect first.

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CG: The thing with a buyer is that you always want to make sure that you're establishing a rapport with them to understand truly what it is that they're looking for. And that's a pretty common thing.


Believe it or not, here in the city there's lots of times where we have clients and they have big dreams, but not big budgets. Part of our responsibility, and part of our role is to educate buyers; is to really get to know them and not offend them. I don't want to take someone into a really prestigious neighborhood and make them feel silly because their budget is so low. I want to get to know them, and I want them to get to know me; that what I'm showing them is not necessarily a downgrade as much as it is, it may be a better value.

With a buyer, really, it's understanding what it is that they're looking for, helping them to understand the market, and then going from there. RD: A lot of times buyers don't really know what they can expect, right? CG: You're right. RD: And they have huge expectations, but they don't really know what's available and what they can actually get for the money that they have. Because at the end, we have to look at the investment they're willing to put in, right?

CG: That's correct. I actually think right now we have a huge influx of people into Edmonton. Edmonton is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Lots of folks are coming from different communities where real estate prices are a little bit lower. Then, they move to Edmonton, or the big city, as we like to call it, and the reality is that that's not as easy to do here. Again, we just want to make sure that they're as comfortable as possible, that we are understanding their requirements, and not deterring them from making their investment.

RD: Then, sometimes when people move to a bigger city they don't understand that different neighborhoods have different pricing. If you're in the core, you're going to pay more than if you're on the outskirts, right? That's where a real estate professional can actually educate you as a buyer of what's available, what to look for, and things like that. CG: You got it.


RD: Okay, so we got the buyer out. What about the seller? Any specific processes or systems that you have?

What to look for when hiring a real estate broker?

CG: Yeah, I think from my perspective, the way that I see it when you're dealing with a seller is that your home is your home, you look at it, and you're very proud of it. I don't know a single person who, when we go and have a chat about listing their home, they're not proud of it.

And that's great. Being home-proud and house-proud is a really fantastic thing, because it makes you happy. At that point, you know that if they're making the decision to leave, that, wow, it's a big decision for them. On the flip side where, as a realtor that comes to help them, is to understand the market values. It makes me feel great.

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  6. I walk in at the end of the day, and it's everything that I've ever needed for the last 12 years. But the reality is that sometimes in the market that's not the case. That's a tough job sometimes. You don't ever in any way want to insult someone, or make them feel silly about the fact that they value and have such great pride in their home. Again, that comes down to the idea of building the relationship with your realtor, and making sure that you can trust them, and you have a rapport with them to have those kinds of conversations. RD: I agree with you. Somebody might think this is the best thing on the planet, and then you'll have a buyer come in and they'll be like, "Eh, it's not my style," right?

    What is phishing?

    RD: And you have to know how to manage those conversations, and those expectations as well, right? CG: You got it, yep. RD: Yeah, but, if I was doing it by myself as a seller and a buyer, I come in, it's like, "Yeah, I've got a bad feeling. That's where the conversation ends. Whereas, when you have a realtor, you can kind of discuss it and see what your options are.

    And a realtor can actually give a potential buyer options, right? Something they might not even see.

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    7. I think one aspect that I pride myself in is the interconnections that we have with people like renovators, with kitchen designers, with carpet cleaners, with painters, so that if one of my clients walks in and they're kind of not feeling, but it is the house, to be able to reach out to the connections that I have just based on my experience and working with these individuals on a daily basis, that it's a heck of a lot easier to phone my traders person and get him to come out and give a quote to remove that wall, or to check to see how easy it would be to install this, that, or the other thing.

      Whereas the average individual really doesn't always have those kinds of connections. Again, that's my job. If you were to ask me today, "Who could I use for painting? Who could I use for carpet cleaning?

      Who's a mover? RD: It's not what you know, but who you know, right? RD: That gets things moving way smoother and quicker with that as well. RD: Christian, what sets you apart from other realtors in the Edmonton metro region? CG: I think the biggest thing is that I always use, in my videos, and in my social media interaction, I always use the term born and raised. I was born and raised in the Edmonton metropolitan region. I've lived here for most of my life, and I've chosen to have this as my home. Beyond traveling all around North America in one of my corporate jobs and experiencing some of the most amazing cities in North America, I've always had Edmonton as my home.

      10 Tips for Buying Your First Condo

      What that's led me to realize, and sort of respect is the fact that I have a huge passion for not only the city, so I'm not just born and raised here, but the passion that I have revolves around all of the amazing things that take place, whether it's the ice castle, whether it's the Pride festival in the summertime, or anything, any single thing. I always try and have my finger on the pulse of the city, and it's because I love it.

      I love to pass those experiences on, and that excitement to my clients, which, it's shocking the number of people who live in the region that have never been in the river valley. It's shocking the number of people who've never been on the Edmonton Queen. And you have a chat with them, and you talk about those assets that we have, and they start to put it together, and the realize, "Yeah, gosh, we have a pretty metropolitan city, and it's pretty cool.

      I have access to all of the information. I have tons of marketing experience. I've sold tons of houses. I've got a great team that I work with. But the biggest thing is just that passion and excitement. RD: Yeah, and it's good to have somebody in your back pocket that knows the city so well.